picking up pieces of your life

2 07 2011


i know… 3 years, eh? 3 years since i was last here… and i never missed you… not one bit… you see, with all the new bloggers out there out to prove themselves to their readers, they forgot one thing: putting their hearts to whatever they write. i was the same as them at one time, and that is why i decided to just up and leave blogging altogether.

the commercialism, the hunt for freebies (free donuts from the biggest donut chain even delivered at home, free movie tickets from a Makati mall delivered at the office, free cellphones, and other tech stuff that i never really had a need for), the hunt for fame (the 1st and only Blog Awards, i think), etc etc… i hated it… for me, blogging was supposed to have been a simple journal of my daily grind. but enough about that. now, i am back, and doing what i loved most: talking about what really interest me, without all the fame and money attached to it…

well, where was i the past 3 years?

been working, of course… worked with an international school (no, not the International School, doofus), and then moved on a big BPO-cum-consulting company for about 6 months… jobless since late March this year… also, during those times, played about 2 MMORPGs, renewed my love for coffee with a big coffee house which will remain nameless, made some lifelong friends, got Dagul, my big black Mitsubishi Strada, had another child October of last year, and now, estranged (separated, whatever) with my wife of 5 years… that’s about it…

and now, am still trying to find a job… so, where am i at now?

  • trying my hand again at amateur photography. contacted a photographer-friend from a previous work and asked if i could come along during one of his shoots… unfortunately, his specialty are weddings which isnt really my style… but i’d go along for the experience… another friend and i talked about something that isn’t yet popular here in the PHL but is in other countries. will tell you more once it is off the ground…
  • been (re)teaching myself Linux again, since i went to the dark side during those 3 years… not that i totally distanced myself from it, but i worked using MS more than Linux. now that i am back to consulting (more about that later), i will feel better equipped if i re-learn it once more. i know the learning curve wouldn’t be that steep, so i am immersing myself into it…
  • another colleague from way back has offered me a consulting job with their company on a per-project basis… and he is now currently finalizing talks with a potential client before i come in…

i still have about 2 or 3 more things i’d like to talk about in here, but i feel that if i do, it will just complicate matters more… they are complicated enough as it is… once these 3 are kind of solved already, i will tell you about them… but for now, that is it…

i may not be able to do this on a per-day basis… but tell you what: i have this little project in mind that will let me see you at least once a day… again, i will tell you about that once i got all the kinks out…

what else? nada mรกs (that is ‘nothing else’ in Spanish :D)

oh wait, i will be putting my own bucket list here very soon… watch out for that ๐Ÿ™‚

ciao… ๐Ÿ˜Ž


all too real blog of AllTooRealMen

10 04 2007


now that you’ve had your vacations [5 days, eh??], it is now back to the grind, back to work, and back to dealing with all your problems in life… me? i stayed home and blog hopped all that 5 days, played RO, the wife and I were invited for a tasting, and we played a few rounds of badminton with Baddicts! last Saturday… suffice it to say that we took advantage of a traffic-free Manila…

anyway, speaking of problems, some bloggers and i put up a new blog meant to address men’s women-related, love- and sex-related, relationship-related, and basically, all problems that a man suffers everyday… we do not suppose that we have all the answers to daily life, but at least, men will now have a shoulder to lean on, so to speak…

alltoorealmen.jpgthe blog is called AllTooRealMen, and this came about during the conversations made during the post-event party of the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards… conversations really were varied, from women fashion from the point of view of a man, sex, politics, Shari‘s sex life, to just about anything that we can think of… and ATRM was just one of the by-products of that…

anyway, if you are male and have a problem you are not inclined to tell your best bud, go to the site and tell us… we just might be able to help you out… of course, women are not banned from viewing the site, so all you women out there, take a look at the site and you just might learn a thing or two…

Ciao, sweetie… 8)

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polyamory, is it for you??

6 04 2007


because of the basically Catholic upbringing of Pinoys — which, in itself, is already bad enough — we were brought up that sex is a bad thing [no, it’s not!!], that it can only be used for procreation, that we can only have one — and only one — life partner, that, once married, we are committed to this person “till death do us part”, and that we cannot have more than one relationship — sexual or otherwise — with anyone else anymore… because of this very strict upbringing, men most specially, hide their “other” relationships from their girlfriends or wives for fear of reprisal from them and from the community they belong in… bigamy and polygamy comes into mind, then… but then again, these references only reflect states of marriages…

but what if, in a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship, one or both of them enter into another relationship with another person, an intimate relationship akin to having another girlfriend or boyfriend?? not in a sexual way, of course [it may be a part, though]…

polyamory.jpg enter polyamory (poly=multiple + amor=love)… Wikipedia describes polyamory as “the desire, practice, or acceptance of having more than one loving, intimate relationship at a time with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved”… polyamorouse relationships is also described as consensual and/or responsible non-monogamy… i know, i know… your restrictive backgrounds prevent you from even considering one other relationship with another… but multiple??

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pekpek, vagina

8 03 2007


got your attention there, didn’t i??

anyway, this post goes out to all women out there celebrating International Women’s Month today… especially to my wife who puts up with all my moods and wackiness in and out of bed… so, will this post now talk about my sexual prowess [or the complete lack of it] in bed?? naahhh… i will spare you that honor horror…

what i want to talk about is that female bodily organ that has all of us males fighting among ourselves to get a piece of… yep that sometimes-hairy-sometimes-bald piece of meat between a woman’s pair of legs where we [yep, all of us, male and female alike] came from, and where all the future generations of this world will come out of…

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uhhh… okay…

7 03 2007


if you don’t know where this came from, you’d be laughing your ass off… ๐Ÿ˜€


this is a news story from Inquirer.net

Ciao, sweetie… 8)

the Internet, sex, and money

3 03 2007


what is it with the Internet that its main purpose for some people is either to get smut or offer sex for a fee?? in today’s Jessica Soho Reports, one episode tackled how, in remote provinces in the Philippines [Cebu, for example], there were Internet cafe’s operating 24 hours which have private rooms… and what were they used for?? so that some Internet users can hold private shows for some of their foreign parukyanos

this way of earning money is not limited to just teenagers or gays only, though…public school teachers also offer cybersex shows to foreigners for a minimum of $100 per!! one was a 24 year old, and the other one was [wait, you’d better be sitting down for this] a 66-year old!! goodness!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

the National Bureau of Investigation cannot do anything against these cybersex “dens”, though, due to the fact that there isn’t any law against this… in effect, all they can do is raid these dens for pornography [which we have laws against], confiscate the machines used to perpetuate, and that’s about it… till next time, amigos!!

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ladies, protect your yum-yums…

28 02 2007


Ciao, sweetie… 8)