picking up pieces of your life

2 07 2011


i know… 3 years, eh? 3 years since i was last here… and i never missed you… not one bit… you see, with all the new bloggers out there out to prove themselves to their readers, they forgot one thing: putting their hearts to whatever they write. i was the same as them at one time, and that is why i decided to just up and leave blogging altogether.

the commercialism, the hunt for freebies (free donuts from the biggest donut chain even delivered at home, free movie tickets from a Makati mall delivered at the office, free cellphones, and other tech stuff that i never really had a need for), the hunt for fame (the 1st and only Blog Awards, i think), etc etc… i hated it… for me, blogging was supposed to have been a simple journal of my daily grind. but enough about that. now, i am back, and doing what i loved most: talking about what really interest me, without all the fame and money attached to it…

well, where was i the past 3 years?

been working, of course… worked with an international school (no, not the International School, doofus), and then moved on a big BPO-cum-consulting company for about 6 months… jobless since late March this year… also, during those times, played about 2 MMORPGs, renewed my love for coffee with a big coffee house which will remain nameless, made some lifelong friends, got Dagul, my big black Mitsubishi Strada, had another child October of last year, and now, estranged (separated, whatever) with my wife of 5 years… that’s about it…

and now, am still trying to find a job… so, where am i at now?

  • trying my hand again at amateur photography. contacted a photographer-friend from a previous work and asked if i could come along during one of his shoots… unfortunately, his specialty are weddings which isnt really my style… but i’d go along for the experience… another friend and i talked about something that isn’t yet popular here in the PHL but is in other countries. will tell you more once it is off the ground…
  • been (re)teaching myself Linux again, since i went to the dark side during those 3 years… not that i totally distanced myself from it, but i worked using MS more than Linux. now that i am back to consulting (more about that later), i will feel better equipped if i re-learn it once more. i know the learning curve wouldn’t be that steep, so i am immersing myself into it…
  • another colleague from way back has offered me a consulting job with their company on a per-project basis… and he is now currently finalizing talks with a potential client before i come in…

i still have about 2 or 3 more things i’d like to talk about in here, but i feel that if i do, it will just complicate matters more… they are complicated enough as it is… once these 3 are kind of solved already, i will tell you about them… but for now, that is it…

i may not be able to do this on a per-day basis… but tell you what: i have this little project in mind that will let me see you at least once a day… again, i will tell you about that once i got all the kinks out…

what else? nada mรกs (that is ‘nothing else’ in Spanish :D)

oh wait, i will be putting my own bucket list here very soon… watch out for that ๐Ÿ™‚

ciao… ๐Ÿ˜Ž


starry, starry night…

1 04 2007


it is not very often that i get to see my share of stars and celebrities all in one night… i am not a starry-eyed buck, mind you… in fact, i abhor treating celebrities any other way than i would treat a normal person… just last Sunday during the Pinoy Photography badminton tournament [where my partner and i won the level B medals], you can see me trading jokes with the likes of Rachel Lobangco and Daisy Reyes… i still consider celebrities as normal people with normal wants and needs, and that was why i don’t go ga-ga over them…

IMGP5551but last night was a very different night for me… i am a part of the blogging community and i consider the top honchos of the community as MY stars… i still get edgy around the likes of Yuga, Gail, and Jayvee, the trio who spearheaded last night’s 2007 Philippine Blog Awards, considered as the wacky trio of the blogosphere… the beautiful duo of Aileen Apollo and Sasha Manuel who emceed the affair… uber-bloggers Noemi and Connie Veneracion [aka sassylawyer], Carlo “Waukeen” Ople, the Brand Manager for Philippine Ragnarok Online, and so many others that if i list them all down here one-by-one, it will probably take one whole day to do it…

i also got to trade jokes with bloggers AJ, Piere, LA, Poelle, Jeff, and Shari, [who, by-the way won the Best Personal Blog award] during the post-event party held later at the Hula-Hula in EDSA ShangriLa…

but let me keep this short and let you instead enjoy the pictures of the event found in my gallery… again, you can get as many pictures as you want, but don’t forget to give me credit, ok?? ๐Ÿ˜€

congratulations go to all volunteers [of which, i am a part of] of the event for without you guys, we wouldn’t have a successful one…

kudos go to all judges who tirelessly went to, and read, each and every blog-nominee, and to finally come up with the winners…

and finally, thank you go to all the event sponsors for giving us something which we cannot give back to you except for posts like this…

Ciao, sweetie… 8)

(y) aside: i don’t believe in organized religion or any church, for that matter, ergo, i don’t believe in prayers, either… but this invocation prayer by Fr Stephen Cuyos [who is also a Linux advocate like moi] really tickled the funny bone of all the bloggers present last night… an excerpt can be found below:

Make our hearts meek and humble
that we may treat our readers as friends, not as unique hits,
that we may strive to change ourselves for the better more often than we pimp our site templates,
that we may find more time to ease the pain of someone in our own home than to reply to comments left by strangers,
that we may interact with our next door neighbors as often as we chat with our blogrolled friends,
that we may be more concerned about helping the less privileged than about the number of subscribers to our RSS feeds.

Deliver us, Father, from spams and viruses, from pride and selfishness, and from the temptation to replicate images without permission and copy ideas without crediting the original authors.

nyehehehe… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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oops!! sorry ’bout that…

21 03 2007


have you ever done something stupid that costs your company millions of pesos worth of data??

if you have, then you prolly know how this computer technician in Alaska felt when, after formatting a hard disk, found out later on that it contained $38 billions worth of accounts of applicant information for an oil-funded sales account… it still wouldn’t have been so bad except for one thing: the daily backup tapes were unreadable!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

so, their final approach was to recover from another source of backup… they turned to the most unlikely source of information: paperwork consisting of application forms, birth certificates, and proof of residence stored in more than 300 cardboard boxes, costing the Permanent Fund Dividend Division more than $200,000 to re-enter everything over a period of 4 months to re-enter everything using 70 people working overtime…

i remember my biggest mistake when i was first starting out in network administration… this was way back in 1998 when i was given the task of deleting unneeded directories in a server… i was just supposed to delete the contents of the /tmp directory in a Linux server, but i didn’t look where i was at the time and simply typed in rm -rf * denoting delete all thinking that i was where i was supposed to be… you know what happened next, right?? no?? well, when the prompt was supposed to return after a brief period of time and it didn’t, i suddenly realized my mistake and immediately hit the off button of the server…

obviously, i was at the root directory, and the command proceeded to delete ALL the directories one-by-one… fortunately for me, it did it alphabetically… and since the /home [where the most important user data were in] was right in the middle of the list, and i was able to turn it off at the right time, it was saved… i simply re-installed Linux, and it was like no one knew what happened… **whew**

after that time, i was very conscientious of the things i do in a server, most especially if i was deleting something… even if it was just a file… and that was the turning point of my career in administering Linux servers…

anyway, whatever happened to that computer technician??

Ciao, sweeite… 8)

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(i) aside: are you looking for New York City face lifts??

how to create your blog II

4 03 2007


WARNING: a loooonnnggggg post… really… ๐Ÿ˜€

i am sure, after my post on how to set up a blog using free providers like WordPress and Blogspot, thousands of you trooped to those sites mentioned and created your own blogs… i am also sure that, by now, you’d have learned the limits of these free blogging sites… like, you can only customize the theme so much… like, you have a favorite plugin but you cannot install this in your new blog… like, you created a photoblog, only to find out that your particular blog has a limit in terms of hard disk size… or many others that, although you can live with them at the start, but you find restricting as you go along…

so what do you do?? well, for a little amount of money and a little patience, you can now start your own blog using your own domain, can have as little or as large hard disk space as you’d want, and put in as much content as you can think of…

how do you go about doing it?? read on and find out…

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how do you want your Linux flavored??

26 02 2007


…with chocolate?? ๐Ÿ˜€

again, with CNET TV

an ice-cream vending company, Moo Bella, which dispenses ice-cream out of a vending machine… then again, that is not very innovative, but for the fact that the vending machine “scoops out” in 12 different flavors of ice cream… much like Linux, huh?? ๐Ÿ˜€

and the way the guy being interviewed described their product being “innovative, multi-patented, and an industry-disruptive system”, you might think that he is describing Linux… what??

and try these buzzwords he threw in the meantime on for size:

  • on demand
  • custom-made
  • modular design
  • variety of additional variations


obligatory link: New Jersey plastic surgery

Ciao, sweetie… 8)

how many reasons not to buy Vista?? let us count…

26 02 2007


reasons-not-to-buy-vista.png what?? this early??

apparently, Tom Merritt of CNET TV already have 5 of them… there’ll sure be more in the months to come…

Bill Gates must be turning in his grave already… oh wait, he’s not dead yet… *groan* ok, he must just be experiencing a New Jersey hair loss, then…

Ciao, sweetie… 8)

Debian founder invited for Microsoft Speaker Series talk

21 02 2007


imurdock.jpg Ian Murdock, founder of the Debian Linux distribution, was invited by Microsoft on February 20 to talk about, well, the Debian Linux distribution… what else?? ๐Ÿ˜€

the erstwhile chief technology officer of the newly-formed Linux Foundation will talk about the rise of Linux and its applications in general, and Debian in particular, in front of Microsoft employees in its “Invited Speaker Series”… Eric Raymond, open-source spokesman and author of The Hacker’s Dictionary and the controversial The Cathedral & the Bazaar, was also invited in 1999

what can this mean for Linux?? nothing, really… but, i believe, the most important question is “what can this mean for Microsoft??” Linux is the biggest threat to Microsoft’s dominance in the OS wars, so why?? a case of “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” probably…

in any case, when will Microsoft invite Linus Torvalds next?? maybe never…

Ciao, sweetie… 8)