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with coffee and cigarette always in hand, you’d see me forever walking around aimlessly, looking at nothing and everything, but ever vigilant of the happenings around… i hate politics, religion, and stupid people [drivers, mostly]… but not necessarily in that specific order… i love working with other professionals, love to go out with a few friends, hates noisy places [that’s why you’d always see me in coffee shops]…

sex is one of the most important activities in my life… my son[s] are my most precious creation… badminton is my favorite sport [because that’s the only sport i excel in]… Linux is my life… current hobbies include cars and beautiful women, not necessarily together [but better if they are!!]… currently working for a content provider [we provide content, of course!!] as an applications development manager, and hoping to get to the vice president position in a few months… had an offer for a higher position with twice my currently salary, but turned it down for love of current workmates… hates bosses who don’t know anything, but carries on as if they know everything… loves nature walks, the beach, and everything natural [hates boob jobs!!]…

i read science fiction, watches CSI, Gilmore Girls [awwww], Rides, and Orange County Choppers… love spaghetti, Winston reds, and brewed coffee… i drive a Chevrolet Optra 1.6 and a Toyota VIOS 1.3, i use RSL racquets, and plays Ragnarok Online…

what else? wanna know me more? you can drop me a line at +639178068172 and we can talk about it or you can drop me an email using any of these 2 addresses:




Ciao, sweetie… 8)


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