idealism has no spot in the workplace

28 01 2008


as a child, i have no worries except where to play, when my next meal will be, and what time i have to go home to sleep, no worries for the next day, except more of the same… mundane? yes… simple? at the time? no…

as a teenager, my worries grew to such proportions that i found myself worrying not only for myself, but also for others… i was already working at an early age, i already have scores of responsibility, and i already answer to a lot of people… this went on until college, when i have to work on 2 jobs, go to school, and manage a school paper all at the same time…

and through all these, the only thing that does not change was my idealism… that i will not forsake what i believe in, simply to earn money, or to make friends, or to be liked… that i will not stoop to what i know was wrong, simply to make my betters feel happy about me… i wasn’t an ass-kisser… never was, and never will…

or so i thought…

now that i am a little more older and, i hope, wiser, i was forced to stoop to people who know nothing but to push pencils around as well as push people around… i am being regulated by a lot of corporate shit that i am already up to my neck in it… it wouldn’t have been worse if i really don’t know better, but the fact remains that their solution is far more expensive [and much harder to implement] than mine… but who am i, eh?

i have had encounters before with bosses who don’t know anything, and yet maintain that they need to control me… control my budget? no… more like control what i do… i have proven in the past that my solutions far outweight theirs, but because of “nakasanayan na yan e” attitude (“that is how it was done before“)… and now, i am stuck in this job that allows me only a liitle bit of freedom, gets the most out of me, and leaves me wanting to kill myself at the end of the day…

but do i have to take these sitting down??

no… i can do several things, really…

one is to show them that I can do what i was hired to do… they hired me to do a particular job, then they must trust that i will do it to the best of my ability… the problem is, someone looks over my shoulders everytime i make a move, and that makes it doubly harder, since i feel like i am under a microscope… haayysss

second, i can look for another job… i know, easier said than done… but what can i do?? except…

third, take all of these sitting down… i can just simply go along with the flow, not really caring whether the project is doable or not, whether the things they are doing are correct or not… i will just be manager by name…

now, question is: what shall i do??

what do you think??

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




4 responses

8 05 2010

Don’t loose the idealism, its the source of life! πŸ™‚ That said, covering ones ass while pursing idealistic pursuits can be a good idea πŸ˜‰

4 02 2008

@Tango: LOL

1. ahechu!!
2. massage their egos?? well, i am more inclined in doing option 2… which i did!!! πŸ˜€


as above, Erin, i did option 2… it is much easier on MY ego, i found out, if i just do that… there are many out there looking for someone like me, anyway…

oh, and your link has been changed… thanks!!

31 01 2008

i always go for option one but make sure i cover my arse. sun tzu’s art of war quotes about leading the “enemy” by the nose[1] comes into mind. πŸ™‚

btw chris, can you change my link in the blogroll? thanks.



28 01 2008

Seriously, there are two things I find really wrong:

1) “now that i am a little more older and” should read: Now that I’m MUCH OLDER. (hahahah)

2) The options. Read the whole book of Murphy (the derivations of Murphy’s law). You can do all of the above as long as you massage the executive ego.

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