i was raped… thrice…

19 01 2008


well, i have news first… i have now a new job as a janitor of one of the biggest consulting firms in the Philippines, literally… janitor? well, yeah, for me it is… but, really, my current position is Manager of IT Operations, and my job is to clean up the mess of the previous occupants of my position… messes like spaghetti in the data room [literally!!] and the spaghetti-like cables of the PABX and the data cables… like cleaning the ranks of the IT Ops of people who cannot cope with the rigors of the job… like cleaning the servers [again, both literally and figuratively] like, there are about 79 servers [both clones and branded] half of which are not working right, while half of the remaining are redundant servers of the other fourth… haaysss… ergo, janitor…

anyway, as part of the requirement of the job, i need to have myself checked up, and so, this morning, i went to the clinic and gave my papers to the nurse-aide in the counter… i was made to fill up forms, and made to wait a few minutes… the next hour saw me in a whirlwind of activity, from blood check, to xray, to blood pressure check, and finally, to the eye check… and this was where my nightmare early in the morning started…

rape number 1

i was waiting for my drug test [di ako nag-rebyu!!] when my name was called from about 10 meters away… so, i left the line and went to the counter where i was told that they will do my dental check, instead…

now, if you know me, you’d know that i have really terrible teeth, yellowed due to almost 25 years of smoking, with gaps and broken crowns… and so, i was made to sit in the dental chair, my mouth opened wide, while the lady dentist prodded that thing with the mirror at the end around my mouth, doing this and that [all the while telling me not to breath through my mouth as my breath is foggying up the mirror] and writing on my chart… at the end of that harrowing experience, i felt my insides turned out, and one that i would not want to experience again for a long time…

rape number 2

after the dental exam, i was made to wait for just a short while, and then, off to Consultation Room 2, where there was a small bed and a lab gown… i was told to strip to the skin, put on the lab gown, and told to wait… i am not a complete stranger to physical check ups… in fact, i have had several over the years as part of my physical regimen… but today, it was totally different…

so, i was there all in the nude with only a flimsy lab gown over me, and waiting for my doctor… while waiting, my eyes took in the room, the chair, the small bed, and that lady doctor’s frock… errrr… what??? a lady doctor’s frock… suddenly, my heart beat faster and i felt like it was trying to leap out of my body and through my mouth… all saliva just immediately evaporated that my mouth felt like it was full of grit, and i was just so suddenly afraid…

and just then, the object of my desire fear came into the room… a somewhat young doctor, she just smiled at me, and asked me several questions about my condition [which was, at that point, really bad and not getting better]… after the questions, she made me lie down on the small bed, pressed her fingers on my abdomen and asking me if it hurt… just then, she made me stand, turn around, and she just took hold of the hem of the lab gown i was wearing, pulled it up, made me hold my butt cheeks, and i was made to spread!!! goodness!! that was 1 point for her, and zero for me… but it didn’t end there!!

i was made to face her again, and again, taking hold of my lab gown, she opened them, exposing myself to her!! my poor penis just suddenly wilted!! she took hold of my balls and i was made to cough 3 times, released them, and i immediately closed my gown… sheessshhh!! that was so, uhhh, embarrasing… i lost miserably, 2-0… 😦

to her credit, she was all clinical, professional, and impersonal… but to me, it was all too personal… i have gone through the same procedure many times before, but always with a male doctor… i believe, the last time i disrobed in front of a woman without making love to her was when i was still a baby!!

next time, before going through that, i will ask first if my doctor will be male or female… tsk tsk tsk…

rape number 3

and when i thought the worst was over, i was made to fall in line for the drug testing [again, i never studied for this test, so i just might fail this one… 😀]

each person undergoing this test goes into a room, stays for about 20-25 minutes each time, then goes out… we were standing outside the testing room, so i don’t really know what was happening behind those doors… and so, we just waited until our turn comes… one incident outside: a lady came out of the room all puffed up and looking mad which made us all wonder why… anyway…

when it was my turn, i was just so eager to go through with it so that i can get home already… i went inside, made to fill up several forms [i wonder why they just didn’t give out the forms outside for us to fill up while waiting??]… then, an interview followed, asking me the same questions as the forms [my full name, age, sex(??), marital status, and so on…]… then, the guy [!!] doing the interview handed me a bottle and was told to fill it up with pee… again, no biggie, so i stood up, looked around for some privacy, and when finding none, i asked the guy where was the little boy’s room so that i can do the deed… the guy just looked at me blandly, and told me to do it right in front of him!! what??? yes, you read it right… i have to do it in front of him!! so, without further ado, i took my penis out in front of him [was he gay? i was wondering], peed into that empty bottle [the mouth of the bottle is just so small for the head of my penis… really small…], capped it up, and gave it back to the guy…

now i understood why that lady in front of me was so mad coming out of the room!!

the next time i have to go through all of those again, i have to ask questions first… kainis

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




6 responses

4 02 2008

yes ligaya, things may never change for the better here in the PH… oh well, we jsut have to hope for the best, eh? LOL

30 01 2008


weren’t there nurses around to explain the procedures to you… even upfront!? man, health care in the phils is such a pity… i understand that it is a medical checkup that employees undergo but it is inexcusable no-one even in the so “cold” (called) clinic explained anything to you from the procedures to consent before touch… man, you are one tough fella to have survive your rape scenes… i gotta had it to you, it wasn’t your fault…. it’s normal for every client/aeg. undergoing medical procedures to have fears of the unknown as what i’ve studied in my degree and it is in fact the responsibility of the health care staff or nurse otherwise to have explained those procedures to you prior to your experience… oh, i forgot, since you are after all in the phils… well, what can we expect it’s 2008 and it still is the same stories i keep reading… yes, ASKING will save you all your adrenalin.

22 01 2008

@the jester: jest all you want, pare, but i kid you not when i say


much like when you are in a cold pool for a very long time…

@ganns: buti ka pa, you haven’t gone through that yet… never had a drug test yet? well, i wouldn’t even want that experienced by MY enemies… grabe

21 01 2008
Filipino Christian Blogger Ganns Deen's Official Website

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21 01 2008

Oi vey, what a story, Chris. My heart bleeds for you. *stifles a guffaw* I could never pee in front of anyone. I have a shy bladder.

20 01 2008
the jester-in-exile

aw, c’mon, chris — i’m sure the lady doctor wouldn’t have minded giving you a bit of a gentler checkup haha

(peace, apples!)

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