on again, off again, on again, off again…

5 10 2007


yeah, yeah, yeah… i know i’ve forgotten to post for quite sometime, but know that it was not because i have forgotten blogging already… nope, my readers [all one of ’em] are always in my mind, but… actually, everyday that passed since the last time i posted, so many blog ideas kept cropping up that my head is now full of ’em wanting to get out… but, alas! the only way they can get out of there is for someone to write them down… so many events happend from my last post until just today…

  • we moved!! yes, from our old place to a new and [hopefully] better and bigger one… one day, we just decided to up and move just because we are starting to hate our neighbors, but that is another looooooong story in itself…
  • i have now a new job!! yes, i started last Monday… you would think that starting means looking around and getting acclimated, eh? well, think again… from the very moment i sat down at my chair, was given my workstation and password, and my email all set up, problems started cropping up… and one very big problem my team and I are having now is the VOIP setup here at the office… we are still looking for the resolution of that problem… getting-to-know-you phase? what is that?? honeymoon period between manager and subordinates? again, what?? 😀

    don’t get me wrong, though… my job is as technical as it gets, and i don’t mind the headaches that comes along with it… i am back to Linux administration along with all the problems that come with it… but now, there are more and more newer technologies that i have to learn… there are also new terms for me to find out the meanings of… **sigh**

  • you know that i am playing PerfectWorld, right? well, with everything that is happening with my life, the mastership [or clan leadership] of Clan Lotus was transferred over to me… it is just so hard managing 200 players, with all the bickerings and wranglings and petty arguments… good thing that i have trusted officers in the clan, and my second-in-command believes in upholding the clan rules as much as i do…
  • the wife and i attended several gatherings over the course of the month… i’ll just leave the posting to her, though, as i was in twilight zone during those times, and all i did was simply to take pictures…

so, there… i know they’re not much as compared to other people out there… but then again, i am a simple man with simple pleasures in life… like, well, you know… hehehehe… oh, and before i forget, Happy Birthday, Lily!! she is a friend from way back in college whom i have met again very recently…

that’s it? that’s it!! see you again next time… and i promise to resurrect my Interestings Friday series…

Ciao, sweetie… 8)

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3 responses

5 10 2007

*raises hand*

i know! i know!

drink beer and other types of alcoholic beverages until you become cross-eyed, and then look at your readership base.

hehehe, ok it wont work but a nice idea though.


5 10 2007

LOL Erin 😀


ok, now that my readership has doubled, how can i double the double?? hahahah!!

5 10 2007

ill double your readership base to make it two readers. i still have you on my feeds. 🙂

congratulations (?) on the new house home and the new job.


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