Interestings Friday #8

24 08 2007


last week was very interesting, indeed!! what with all the drama going around the blogosphere, the wrangling, the accusations, and what-not… anyway, alls well that ends well, as they say… here are the updates:

  • from my last IF#7, there was a comment from Jayvee that he has touched bases with both Gibbz and Janette, and apparently, they are now well and good… so, everything is now right 0on that front…
  • at the other front, Noemi apologized to Allan, father of Carl Ocab of of Make Money Online with a 13-year Old… at the end, they just laughed it off, and found out that they are both Cebuanos “with quirks that they only understand”… nice…
  • in other things, we went to MOA last night for the 2nd round of Taste Asia… will post a story on that later or tomorrow…
  • and later tonight, we will go to a private dinner with the Ogilvy people, PR firm of Motorola, for the official preview of the MOTORAZR2 in a roundtable dinner… do i smell a free Motorazr?? hahaha!! i wish!!

that’s it for this week, folks!! see you all again next week!! 😀

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




3 responses

21 09 2007


Saw your link from Filipino SEO.
But what caught my eye was Taste Asia and the Ogilvy meet.
Are you in advertising?

Will look forward to your Taste Test ….

28 08 2007

Off-topic: Chris.. saan na pics nung Taste Asia? hehehe! Share nmn. Tenkyu! 🙂

26 08 2007
Janette Toral

Hi Chris. Yes, I got a text from him. Best to move on positively as life is too short. =)

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