Interestings Friday #6

3 08 2007


it is Friday once again and i am due for another episode of Interestings Friday… i know, i know, i missed last week’s episode and this is only due to the fact that i was sooo busy last week, and not because there isn’t anything intersting in the blogosphere… so, for this week’s IF#6, here are some [some, since i know there are more out there] of the interesting reads i found:

  • GM T’s The Politics of MMORPGs talks about politics, not in real life, but when people play online games… he talks about power-grabbing, and wanting to be the strongest, the richest or the most famous… which is ever-present in our daily life… read and learn…
  • in Yuga’s latest post, The Top 50k blogs generate $500 Million?, showed a study by the University of Texas that a total of 50,000 blogs generated half a billion dollars in revenue… prolly either though advert-tising or direct sales… hmmmm… i wonder when i’ll get even 1% of that money from my blog?? šŸ˜€
  • Shari, talks about her most favorite subjects in life, On Dildos, Vibrators, and My New Lighter… be abused amused, and be ready to bawl over with laughter with this post… really funny…

there you go, guys… this week’s edition of IF#6…

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




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