on getting old and gray, and your purpose in life…

30 07 2007


today found me, very early in the morning mind you, questioning where my life went to and where it is going… yeah, i know… i am not the thinking type, the actually-looking-deep-into-my-life-and-wondering-the-hows-and-whys type… but forgive me if i sound deep today, though… i just feel like it…

ever wondered why you are here in this earth doing your daily grind and seeming to get nothing out of it?? no, not the religious debate as i don’t believe in any of that crap, but more of the physical side… i mean, you get up in the morning, ready yourself for work or school, you grind the whole day, then go home in the afternoon or evening with nothing to show for it… then you do it all over again the next day… yeah, your boss may have been happy with your work, or your school teacher may have been happy with your report… but that is THEIR happiness, not yours… how about you? shouldn’t your goal be working towards your happiness? does a paycheck at the end of every workweek constitute happiness?? again, i don’t know that was why i was asking…

at least, when playing a game, you have somewhere to go to, or something to do, or a goal you work towards for… but with life?? what really is our primary goal? again, no religious stuff, please, as i have had that all my life and i am tired listening to all that bull… what is your final goal in life?? can anyone talk to the dead?? because if you can, i would like for us to do a seance and i have a multitude of questions to ask… and i may even pay!! πŸ˜€

no, really… kidding aside, i would like to ask the dead if they ever lived their life as fully as they liked… if they know why they were here on earth in the first place, and if they will ever come back again given the chance… i would like to know all of these so that i’d know what to do…

then again, you may ask: isn’t bringing up a son or a daughter to be good enough? or keeping a good family life enough? enough for what? for whom? of course i’d bring up a good son or daughter… of course, i’d very much like a good life, thank you… but all of these for whom?

can you answer me, please? please??

oh, and a Happy Birthday to me… [darn it!! almost forgot…]

Ciao, sweetie… 8)

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8 08 2007

@Benj, true. LOL. :p

@Kuya Chris, sige, sige. I won’t think about it. Haha.

7 08 2007

For some reason, i hate people who have the audacity to claim that they have the monopoly in the way to enlightenment and happiness.

Well, if it makes them happy… :p

5 08 2007
GM Tristan

Happy Birthday, bro!!!

actually I share some of your thoughts too. Your post made me think.

I remember a theory before saying that “religion is the only thing that keeps us from being insane. It is the one thing in the world that can explain the unexplainable”.

Purpose is often not found overnight. You might have to dig deep inside you. That’s why meditation and yogi discplines are become more popular now. But if you do find your purpose, it will surely lead you to happiness and a fulfilled life.

Live long and prosper, my friend!


3 08 2007

Chris, wala kang contact form (or Im too stupid to find it). May tatanong sana ko. hehe

1 08 2007

@Doug and Rick: you know guys, i am just really glad that you feel that way… at least, for you, you both have something to look forward to every morning that you wake up… for me? there’s nothing waiting for me, except that in the afternoon or evening, i’d go back home to my sons and wife… good for you!! but i don’t think i’d find anything in the bible for me… thanks but no thanks… i salute you both, though!! πŸ˜€

31 07 2007

Happy Birthday Chris!

Your thoughts about life are also my thoughts when I was a child; I thought about God, where he lives, who created him, why he created me, what am I doing here on earth, and lot more.. I might be in the mental hospital right now if I tried to find the answers that my mind can’t comprehend.

Well, it’s hard to answer all of your questions about life here on earth: we live, we marry someone, have children, work, grow old (if you’re lucky enough to survive for a longer year.. :-P) and then what? Of course we DIE! But what’s behind life after death? Where can I find the answers? The Bible has the answer. I am not pushing religion here ‘coz it really sucks. What matter here is that the reason why I live, believe it or not, is because of God. As I have read in the Bible God will judge us according to what we have done here on earth. If someone will tell me that what if there is no God, it’s okay at least I did prepare. But what if there is God? Then that’s the time you will understand why you are living here on earth. And at least I know the reason why I live: Jesus died for me and I have a new life now! πŸ˜€

31 07 2007

Hey Chris! Happy Birthday! Wow, deep thoughts. Glad you didn’t drown
’em out! We all need to reflect every once in awhile. I agree with you…and with Daniel…that religion sucks! It’s been misused and abused since the beginning of time to obtain or justify political / personal agendas…to control or manipulate our surroundings (both known and unknown). But to be honest with you, bro, it’s very difficult — impossible — to answer your deep question without turning to something or someone beyond ourselves. (And it’s ironic, that even though you’re so adamant to avoid religious crap and bull you would request something so extremely “religious” — to communicate with the dead! That’s about as supernatural as you can get, dude! Woe…twilight zone!) So, forgive me for waxing religious on you, but I’d strongly encourage you to read the Book of Ecclesiastes (http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?book_id=25&chapter=1&version=65). This guy is asking the same question as you, pare. And he concludes that there really is no ultimate meaning to life and labor without GOD. Yea, we can look for meaning in our families, careers, etc but when it all comes down there’s only one answer. NOT RELIGION! But real RELATIONSHIP with GOD. And that comes only through Jesus Christ. He’s everything to me. He gives me daily and ultimate purpose and meaning, in spite of all the perplexities of life. So, pare, I hope you keep thinking the deeper thoughts and that you find your answer in CHRIST.

31 07 2007

@Daniel: yes, let’s…

@benj: hahaha… coming from you? i’d want everyday to be my birthday for the chance of being greeted by the benj!! thanks thanks!! πŸ˜€

31 07 2007

To prove your appeal across all denominations of belief and non-belief, I want to greet you a Happy Birthday, Mister Havarata. It’s a shame it’s a day late. :p

31 07 2007

Thanks Chris, my first time on your site too. Glad I found it. I will keep in touch πŸ˜‰

31 07 2007

hi Daniel!! good for you!! at least, you have something to look forward to everyday of your life… i am not saying that i don’t have anything, mind you… i have my beautiful sons and my equally beautiful wife, so i am thankful for that much…

and yes, i agree that religion is just some form of group created to control people… πŸ˜€

btw, just came from your site and i must say that i like the design… /no1

31 07 2007

We have absolutely nothing to live for without hope. And you are right …… what is our hope? What is our goal? What will the end cinematic show when we finish the game?

I agree that I am fed up with Religion because it tends to be just another corrupt front for mankind’s personal motives.

I am however passionately in love with Jesus and realize without his salvation and his constant presence in my life I will continue to be flat, beaten up, underqualified, unfulfilled, mean, selfish, ugly, sick, and tired. Jesus, and experiencing heaven here on Earth now (not a some pie-in-the-sky after I die thing), is what has given me daily hope and purpose. He brings definition to all that I am doing …. at work, school, in the neighborhood, at home.

31 07 2007

@Philip: yep, you just did! and i want to thank you for greeting me… when you said that “the point to being alive is to continue to do so,” i have only one question for that: WHY??? why live at all and die at the end with really nothing to show for? yeah, i agree with caring deeply for what i do, and i do care deeply for them… but after everything has been said and done, what’s it all for?

thanks again!!

@SexyMom: Mommy Dine!!! teka, is it right for me to call you mommy, e we are almost of the same age lng?? naks!! thanks for the greetings!! i am a positive person, but sometimes, days like yesterday gets to me… must be the birthday thing… hahaha!! πŸ˜€

@Shari: don’t think about it, dear… you’re still too young to be thinking of such things… leave them to us OLD people… thanks!!

31 07 2007

For yourself? For your family? For the, err, the Philippines and the Filipinos? Seems like far-fetched questions/answers, eh?

Gawd, Kuya Chris. Don’t make me think big. I’m only turning 20! LOL!

Happy birthday! πŸ™‚

31 07 2007

happy birthday, Chris. each birthday makes one wiser, despite an additional piece, nay strands, of greying hair. take it on a positive note, each day is a new beginning, what more a birthday. the purpose in life is evident–start with what you have, your beautiful sons, your wife, your soon to be additional part of your lives, and the so many wonderful blessings coming your way. may you have a blessed abundant life in the days to come. happy birthday!

30 07 2007

Hey Chris, Maligayang Bati! (I think I just wished you a happy birthday.)

It’s an interesting question as to whether there is a meaning to life. Without resorting to doctrine, the only way to answer the question is through philospical logic. In the end, I believe that it’s easiest to assume that the point to being alive is to continue to do so. After that, it’s all about enjoying life and doing the things that we’re passionate about. I find that when I’m doing something I care deeply about, I forget to ask if there’s a point and that’s when I think I’m experience the reason for living.

Have a great day!

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