meeting old and new friends

9 07 2007


the past week was made very exciting because i met some [very] old friends, as well as new ones… walking along Libis, i was greeted with the sight of old studens and friends, that i wondered whether this area is now the new APC []… hehehe… 😀

the old ones

Che of KAlaWang yugto [] was one of my former students over at APC… we met last Friday while i was eating lunch… she sat down [not at first, though] at my table, and we just talked and talked until we were both reaady to return to our own offices… that was one of the highlights of my week as i was able to catch up on the goings on with her former classmates [like Jacob putting up his own consulting business, like the owner of ( was also a former student, Carol, etc], and many other things that were of concern to both of us…

Friday afternoon saw me at Extreme Gaming Grounds [EGG] in Glorietta for an EB with my clanmates over at PerfectWorld… but before that, i saw a very old [as in] friend in the guid of Lily… she was a college friend and a colleague atthe College Editors Guild of the Philippines [CEGP]… we weren’t able to catch up on things as i have things to do that night, and she still has to pick her son up from school… oh well…

last July 1, i was greeted by a call from, also, one of my former students, though i barely remembered her… Sheila Yu was with APC for just 1 term, and she said that i was one of her professors who made an impact in her life… since then, she will now [or has she?] graduate to become of the nurses in the country… i say, good for her!!

July 3 saw me leaving work at about 3pm when i saw, again, a student from my car… his name was Carlo, and one of my “good ones”… hehehe… i said good ones because, though he doesn’t look like he is serious in life, but when it comes to the work we were doing, he gives it all his time… i say, good luck!!

and finally, another Carlo, this time a colleague from PLUG [Philippine Linux Users Group] works in the same building i was in… he works in TrendMicro as trainer…

the new ones

one good thing about jumping work is that you get to meet all kinds of people, both bad and good ones… but with the new work i have, i have only very high praises for the people i work with… they are all good workers and they look up to me as some sort of a “kuya” only because i am the oldest of the bunch, the youngest being just 21…

the only bad thing in jumping companies is that you don’t get to grow roots… but who need roots when the soil is bad, eh?

anyway, another bunch of new [and very young] friends were from Clan =Lotus=… you see, i love playing MMORPGs and 2 of the games i played over the years were Ragnarok Online [played for over 4 years] and PerfectWorld, a new addition to the offerings of LevelUp… we held a mini-EB last July 1 for the softlaunching of the game, and a mini-grand EB at EGG with another clan, the Holy Order of Light [HOL]… we just played some games, and a dinner/inuman after that…


and so, that was my week… how was yours??

Ciao, sweetie… 8)

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