is nationalism still alive in the Philippines??

9 05 2007


an officemate and i got to talking about driving conditions in the metro and outlying areas while waiting for the next meeting to commence… it all started when he asked me which top 3 drivers/vehicles among our public transport system are worse… to answer his question, my choices were:

number 3: buses, because of their volume along EDSA;
number 2: taxis, because they don’t care whether they get hit or not;


number 1: jeepneys, because they still maintain that they are kings of the road, and must be feared…

our number 3 were the same, but his number 1 were taxis… when asked why, he just went deadly serious on me and said:

it is nationalsim, pre… or at least the lack of it… you see, if you are a nationalistic person, it means that you respect yourself as well as the next person… with taxi drivers, it is very obvious by the way they drive that they don’t care whether they get hit or not, or whether they hit someone else or not… for them, it is just the money… they drive that way because they think they can earn more by getting to their destinations the fastest way possible… and by doing so, they don’t respect the space of the other drivers… they will cut people off the road, they will get ahead of you given the smallest possibility that they can get ahead of you, and in intersections? they simply zoom across without regard for themselves, their passengers, or other drivers…

thinking back to that, i do believe he is right, that he nailed it right on the head when he mentioned that the problem is the lack of love and respect and consideration, not just among our public transport drivers, but more so can be said for the government… that was why we have corruption, political killings, and political dynasties… this was because politicians do not recognize that the Filipino people should be first and foremost in their minds, because they thought that the esteem we held for them was due to their status in life, and because they think that the government is their own little playground to do however they see fit…

it will be election time in 5 days… unfortunately, it will not be for you, for you will never feel its effects… think of the little ones: you small brother, your children, nephews and nieces, grandchildren… this exercise will determine their future… so if you have to vote, please vote wisely…

Ciao, sweetie… 8)

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9 05 2007

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