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4 05 2007


blog-surfing today and found the following interesting posts from bloggers i know:

return link-lovin’, people… the name of the game… hehehe…

Ciao, sweetie… 8)

[techtags: Google, kids, FHM, Singapore, elections, GE, RWC, RO, BB]




4 responses

6 05 2007

hahaha!! 😀

take it however you see it… maybe an R?? hahahah!!

6 05 2007
Janette Toral

It is interesting how you combined both kids and FHM at the title of this post. Rated GP or PG or R? 🙂

4 05 2007

not yet?? you mean…?? hehehe… basta ba pag-nag-splurge ka e wag mo kalimutan mga nandito sa Pinas e… 😀

4 05 2007

in my defense, i am not splurging (not yet anyway) 🙂

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