missing your old posts??

2 05 2007


waybackmachine.JPGlike i told many people, i started blogging way back June 2002… unfortunately, due to the constant changes my blog underwent [from blog.apc.edu.ph to haravata.net to haravata.com] and travels from one server to another, my old posts have no choice but to get lost…

but now, the prodigal sons posts finally came back home to roost… and all thanks to the Wayback Machine which archives web pages [blog pages included] “from 1996 to a few months ago…” i was able to retrieve my posts from the very 1st one [hosted at blog.apc.edu.ph] to posts hosted at haravata.net… yes, all of ’em!!

so, if you are missing out on your old posts and want to retrieve them, give Wayback Machine a try and you just might uncover a few surprises… 😀

Ciao, sweetie… 8)

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