a week after…

23 04 2007


it has been a week now since i started working for a new company… i am still under training [whatever that means, since i am doing nothing but sit on my butt all day and surf the Internet] so i haven’t had much interaction with any of the 80+ people working under me… of course, there were a few i got to talk to, some of them bloggers i knew since January of this year, but the conversation we had were none too close to my actual job… we talked about SEO stuff and how to earn [more!!] money from blogs [one person here showed me 2 checks worth 200K!!], but that’s about it…

going back to the actual work that i’ve done, still 0, nada, zilch, none, kaput, wala, up to now… of course, i was given like a couple of projects, but i don’t believe for a minute that this is the actual work i will be doing… i am supposed to be managing people, not projects…

anyway, my boss the CEO wanted me to immerse myself first with the environment and the culture of the company… all fine and dandy prolly for the 1st week or two… but he said that i’d be doing actual work only after May 11 [3 weeks from now!!] yet, and just enjoy this respite i was given… 😦

i have nothing against having a little respite from work and getting paid for it, but goodness!! a month of doing nothing can addle the brain!!

oh well…

Ciao, sweetie… 😦




2 responses

24 04 2007

hahaha!! if only we can trade, i’d gladly do it… sadly, though, i can’t even start to profess to know how exactly it is you do what you do… hehehe… 😀

24 04 2007

i’d take your position anytime =P

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