DONT’s to remember for the May elections

17 04 2007


i don’t want to be in the business of telling people who exactly not to vote for… that is not my job, or i might yet to be sued for libel… instead, i’ll be telling people what to look out for and to NOT vote for politicians doing the following:

1. do not vote for those who do not respect the environment even this early… if you see their posters posted just about anywhere, nailed in trees, or those who persist in playing their obnoxiously loud campaign jingles all day long, scratch them from your list of possibles… DON’T!!

2. if you are given money on election day and asked to vote for a particular candidate, get the money but don’t vote for that candidate!! if he can buy votes this early and manage to get away with it, what do you think will happen when he is holding the position?? DON’T!!

3. if your candidate has previously won, but did not follow through with his promises, do not vote for him/her again… the same vicious circle will happen all over again if that candidate wins… DON’T!!

4. if all your candidate has to say are bad things against his/her opponent, don’t vote for him/her!! if they don’t know how to address issues and concerns of their constituents, how do you think they will do when they finally win and sit?? DON’T!!

5. if your candidate is an actor/actress, DON’T!!

6. if your candidate is a celebrity, DON’T!!

7. if your candidate resorts to gimmicks, instead of addressing issues and Pinoy concerns, DON’T!!

8. if your candidate’s name has previously been linked to gambling, or other nasty rumors, DON’T!! where there’s smoke, there’ll sure be fire…

9. those who have had, or still having, court cases regarding corruption, rape, gambling, carnapping, kidnapping, murder, or just about any heinous crime, DON’T!!

10. and, if you are not so sure of your candidate’s background, and only because he is a celebrity, DON’T!!

don’t waste your right to suffrage, don’t give away your vote!!

Ciao, sweetie… 8)

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7 responses

22 04 2007

OK so I’ll vote for…BryanBoy(Kung tumakbo sya) Nyahaha! 🙂

21 04 2007

aba’t!! loko ito ah!! hehehe… di naman masyado… ssshhhh…


21 04 2007

Ah, panahon mo pala yung reference point. Sorry Kuya. hehe

20 04 2007

but that violates numbers 5 & 6!! well, he was an actor and a celebrity in his prime… now he is only a washed-up wannabe in the coattails of the new Marcoses and their ilk…

now, if only politicians can read this and admit to themselves [assuming that they don’t lie even to themselves] that this is one letter they don’t ever have to write…


20 04 2007

I’ll be voting for the only candidate not being dissed by your list – Victor Wood! hehe

18 04 2007

E X A C T L Y!!!

that only goes to show that the number of qualified candidates [and when i say qualified, those who really deserve to be voted] are really so small… today’s politics is choose between evil or another evil… tsk tsk tsk…

in my case?? i’d rather not choose, instead… 😦

where have the good old days gone??

18 04 2007

With that number of “Don’t”s, it will leave us a very very very few, if not virtually no candidates to vote for. Hehehe.

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