iBlog3’s 1st day

13 04 2007


IMGP6132so, i was in UP School of Economics early today [the wife and i actually arrived around 7:30 simply because we don’t know the state of traffic in QC during Fridays] to talk about “Blogging101: setting up your 1st blog”, and it was kinda successful… kinda…

this was because most of my audience early in the morning were already bloggers themselves… you can count on your hands those who don’t have blogs yet, and they are those kids at the back of the auditorium where the event was held… if Janet Toral is reading this, maybe we can create a separate track specifically for those who don’t have blogs yet, and only for them… sayang kse yung opportunity to advocate kanina

anyway, i got to hear Lauren‘s and her mom Noemi‘s presentations, as well as Marcelle‘s magic tricks… i left around 1pm [after lunch… hehehe… eat and run] because i still have something to do that afternoon…

and so, a rundown of the people/bloggers i met today:

and many others… whew!! i guess i’d see you guys again tomorrow, eh? you can find pictures of the 1st day here

Ciao, sweetie… 8)

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8 responses

20 04 2007

Hey Kuya Chris! Sayang di ako nakapunta. Balita ko pa naman maraming naghahanap sakin. hahaha

19 04 2007
iblog3- The 3rd Philippine Blogging Summit » iBlog 3 Day 1 Summary

[…] Chris Haravata gave a great opener on blogging 101 and the tools that he used to make one’s blogging adventure as hassle free as possible. This session was actually meant for newbies who haven’t tried blogging although most of the participants already have their own blog. I realized later on that the session was fruitful as there are still many things, widgets or plugins, that we didn’t know are already available. […]

18 04 2007
iBlog3, I was there half the time » Bamtastic!

[…] especially in the provinces. Anyway, here are a lot of iBlog3 pictures that I googled taken by Chris Haravata. It occured to me just now that I also missed his talk. Tsk! iBlog3, Philippine Blogging […]

15 04 2007

hi Tiffany… you meant it was short?? i am so sorry about that… we were given only 30 minutes to finish our talk, is why… 8)

15 04 2007

Some of us kids actually said that talks like yours happened too fast. :d There was a blogger as young as 12 years old that attended the event.

15 04 2007

@LA: done!!

@Janette: 😀 gotcha!!

15 04 2007
Janette Toral

Hello Chris. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge at the iBlog3 summit. I guess the reason why so many folks who have blogs already attended your post is that they may have just started and want to know what else are they missing.

15 04 2007

Wow! Buti pa kayo naka- attend! I was so busy at home doing my nomenclature of element for my summer classes… ;( Nakaka-ingit!

Nga pala kuya chris papalit naman po ng link it’s http://lordartworks.com my new domain!!! 😉

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