those damned C5/Libis traffic lights

11 04 2007


dammit!! :[

who is/are supposed to be responsible for those damned traffic lights along C5 and Libis?? the MMDA?? the local Ortigas and/or Quezon City governments?? fuck!! someone should take them down!! they’re useless, anyway!!

i almost got into a traffic accident this afternoon because of one of these traffic lights which, although working, aren’t really used along that route, a clueless driver of a closed van, and a stupid driver of an FX taxi!! [so sorry for all these exclamations marks… i really am livid until now… sheessshhh…]…

so, i just came from IBM Plaza in Libis and was en route to Makati to pick up my wife… i was cruising along the outer lane [all alone in front, and the nearest was about 50 meters behind] and about 100 meters away in the middle lane was the closed van immediately followed by the FX… if you’ve driven along that road, you already know by now that you don’t have to break and stop when those useless things turn red… apparently, the clueless driver of the closed van doesn’t and the stupid FX driver does… you can just imagine what happened next…

:s the van stopped, the FX almost didn’t, not expecting the van to stop because of that traffic light, and immediately swerved to his left to avoid the van… apparently, again, he wasn’t looking in his left side mirror while doing this, and he almost slammed into me, right at the front passenger door of my car!! i at once slammed on the accelerator [if i didn’t, he might have hit me then], and when i was free, slammed on the brakes this time… got out of the car, and berated the FX taxi driver for not looking!! and all he can do was blame the clueless van driver!! asshole!! gggrrrrrrrrrrr!!

[somebody stop me, please before i pop a blood vessel!! please!!!!!!]

back to the rant…

and so, as i was saying, someone should take responsibility for that and take those dang traffic lights-accident-waiting-to-happen down before someone just accidentally hits someone else due to a misread of a light… [goodness, i can’t stop!!]

sige na, para matapos na ito, tanggaling na mga putanginang yan!!


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3 responses

12 04 2007

Never mind. You can delete my comment. Matt replied to my comment ! 😀

12 04 2007
Luis Cruz

I hate those damn stoplights too.

12 04 2007

I at least a month ago about taking over development of More Smilies. Matt Read never replied to my emails, comments, or forum posts. I even was telling people that I will do support. So… If you get permission for his plugins. Can you give that one to me? Heh, thanks… 🙂

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