starry, starry night…

1 04 2007


it is not very often that i get to see my share of stars and celebrities all in one night… i am not a starry-eyed buck, mind you… in fact, i abhor treating celebrities any other way than i would treat a normal person… just last Sunday during the Pinoy Photography badminton tournament [where my partner and i won the level B medals], you can see me trading jokes with the likes of Rachel Lobangco and Daisy Reyes… i still consider celebrities as normal people with normal wants and needs, and that was why i don’t go ga-ga over them…

IMGP5551but last night was a very different night for me… i am a part of the blogging community and i consider the top honchos of the community as MY stars… i still get edgy around the likes of Yuga, Gail, and Jayvee, the trio who spearheaded last night’s 2007 Philippine Blog Awards, considered as the wacky trio of the blogosphere… the beautiful duo of Aileen Apollo and Sasha Manuel who emceed the affair… uber-bloggers Noemi and Connie Veneracion [aka sassylawyer], Carlo “Waukeen” Ople, the Brand Manager for Philippine Ragnarok Online, and so many others that if i list them all down here one-by-one, it will probably take one whole day to do it…

i also got to trade jokes with bloggers AJ, Piere, LA, Poelle, Jeff, and Shari, [who, by-the way won the Best Personal Blog award] during the post-event party held later at the Hula-Hula in EDSA ShangriLa…

but let me keep this short and let you instead enjoy the pictures of the event found in my gallery… again, you can get as many pictures as you want, but don’t forget to give me credit, ok?? 😀

congratulations go to all volunteers [of which, i am a part of] of the event for without you guys, we wouldn’t have a successful one…

kudos go to all judges who tirelessly went to, and read, each and every blog-nominee, and to finally come up with the winners…

and finally, thank you go to all the event sponsors for giving us something which we cannot give back to you except for posts like this…

Ciao, sweetie… 8)

(y) aside: i don’t believe in organized religion or any church, for that matter, ergo, i don’t believe in prayers, either… but this invocation prayer by Fr Stephen Cuyos [who is also a Linux advocate like moi] really tickled the funny bone of all the bloggers present last night… an excerpt can be found below:

Make our hearts meek and humble
that we may treat our readers as friends, not as unique hits,
that we may strive to change ourselves for the better more often than we pimp our site templates,
that we may find more time to ease the pain of someone in our own home than to reply to comments left by strangers,
that we may interact with our next door neighbors as often as we chat with our blogrolled friends,
that we may be more concerned about helping the less privileged than about the number of subscribers to our RSS feeds.

Deliver us, Father, from spams and viruses, from pride and selfishness, and from the temptation to replicate images without permission and copy ideas without crediting the original authors.

nyehehehe… 😉

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5 04 2007

;( huhuhuhu


5 04 2007

kaw talaga, masyado defensive… :d

5 04 2007

Dude, imposible. Kaw ata yung unang lumapit sakin para makipagkamay nung blogparteeh eh. lol.

seryoso, di talaga.

4 04 2007

@LA: sure, get as much as you want… just don’t forget the credits, ok??

@Tess: oo nga, sayang, di ka nakasama sa post-party… the conversations were all very stimulating, both the physical and mental kinds… 😉

@Benj: aruuu… lakas mambola… nakalimutan mo talaga ako, aminin mo na… nyahahaha…

3 04 2007

Naku, pano naman kita makakalimutan Chris?! Lagi naman akong nandito eh. Kala ko yung katabi ko yung kakamayan mo. Sino yun? Aba, ewan ko rin. hahaha.

2 04 2007

Sayang hindi ako nakasama sa post-awards gimmick. Inggit talaga ako 😦

2 04 2007

Kuya Chris! Sorry no link for the prayer Fr. Stephen posted in his blog :p

Super nice photos! ang dami i’ll link you pag nalagay ko na sa blog ko…

2 04 2007

@Arbet & Sophie: no worries… just as long as i get proper credit, ok?? (y)

2 04 2007

Thank you for the beautiful photos ! 🙂 I’ll post mine @ my site with proper credit 🙂

Congratulations for the successful event ! 🙂

2 04 2007
apples-pie » Post-Awards Night Party

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2 04 2007
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2 04 2007

Hi, just grabbed a pic, the iPod winner pic. That’s the only evidence that I was there. I hope you won’t mind. Thanks.

2 04 2007

@Aileen: no prob about the photos… it’s my pleasure…

@Sasha: will do, once i get settled down after all this excitement about the blog awards…

@AJ: thanks! (y) oo nga!!, andami nya siguro friends… hehehe


2 04 2007

pamparami ng comments…
48 na kay shari, pang-10 ako sa yo dito. haha

nice meeting you again chris. see you on iblog3.

2 04 2007

No worries po. :o) About your blog idea, if you’re really (and I mean, TRULY) serious about it, just ping me. I might be able to help out. 😉

1 04 2007
Aileen Apolo

Hey! Nice seeing you again! And many, many thanks for taking our photos! Kulit namin eh noh? Hehehe. See ya around!

1 04 2007

hi Sasha!! i am very ashamed to say that i didn’t know about “The Parody”… when i searched for your blog, it was the multiply that i found… :$

in any case, i am seriously looking at the possibility of what Jester and i were talking about last night… thanks about the photos!! 😀

1 04 2007

I’m curious, Chris. You don’t know where my blog is? I’m surprised that you knew about my Multiply account and not my personal blog.

Good to see you again last night and I wish you the best on your blogging endeavour with Jester-in-exile.

BTW, you have a good selection of photos. 🙂

1 04 2007

@Noemi: it’s my pleasure, really… for without good subjects, i will not have good pictures… 😀

@Retz: gwapo ka naman talaga eh!! (y)

@Benj: and here i was thinking that you didn’t remember me… opkors i am extending my hand towards you!! si Benj ka e!! 😉

1 04 2007

Sorry dude! I knew it was you, I jusT wasn’t sure if you were extending your hand towards meeeeee. Sino ba naman kasi ako para kamayan ni Mr. Haravata… hehe. Nice to see you again.

1 04 2007

salamat sa pics! gwafu ko sa mga kuha mo ah
/GG /heh

1 04 2007
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1 04 2007

thanks for the excellent photos.

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