i [am starting to] hate Globelines…

23 03 2007


it all started about 3 months ago, when my Internet connection bandwidth from Globelines Broadband started declining for some reason… i later found out that the connections were broken due to the earthquake that happened in Taiwan and Globelines was not the only one affected [although i heard they had the worst of it]… the connections only started stabilizing about a month and a half ago…

but since then, i was in constant conversation [if you can call ranting a conversation] with their customer service [though, if you ask me, they should be just called the secretaries pool, since all they do is take down notes on what the problem was… tsk tsk tsk] because, every so often, like every 15 minutes or so, the donnection will suddenly drop for no apparent reason… and so, i called, and called, and called it was like during my younger days when i was on the phone with a lover all day and night…

it came now to a point that i am considering extending my connection from SmartBro which, although is a little slower, but at least is stable enough that i don’t get disconnected all the time… sheeshhh…

Globe technicians have been coming to the house almost everyday now hoping to pinpoint the problem and fix it, but to no avail… it prolly is just that connections in my area is really next to nothing… the problem was, i cannot have this connection discontinued as i have a contract with Globe for at least a year… and i still have 9 months to go of this… tsk tsk tsk… 😦

i hope Globe gets to read this and finally get this fixed as i am already so frustrated with their service… haaayyy… :S

Ciao, sweetie… 8)

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2 responses

2 04 2007

i live in the Mandaluyong area… yeah, disconnections happen so often that i taught even my househelp to do it for me when i am not at home… and this was happening since late January of this year… :s

2 04 2007

Where are you located? My globelines connections is fast and stable, the only problem is gets screwed up every two months.

We’ve been having this problem since last year, even before the Taiwan quake. *sighs*

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