how can anyone be this cool??

22 03 2007


if you managed to watch CSI: Miami last night, you will know what i am talking about…

csi_miami.jpegwe all know that Horatio Caine [played by David Caruso] is the epitome of an uber-cool super cop when it comes to busting criminals and solving seemingly unsolvable crimes…

anyway, in last night’s episode, they were looking for a kidnapped person whom they managed to pinpoint to a building that was about to be blown up… with 5 seconds to go before detonation, Horatio went into the doomed building in his sleek black Hummer, managed to save the victim who was tied in silver packaging tape, bring him into his vehicle parked about 4 meters away, and drive out of the building with detonations happening behind and all around him with nary an expression on his face!! COOL!! 8)

it’s like nobody and his brother can break his composure either when shooting a criminal, or his girlfriend getting killed… and no one is like that!! how real is this guy?? oh right, he is just a TV show character… goodness!!

petersen.jpgsinise.jpgi like the characters of Gil Grissom [played by William Petersen] of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Mac Taylor [Gary Sinise] of CSI: NY better… yeah, they’re both cool, too, but not to the point that makes them seem less like human… unlike the character being played by David Caruso…

again, no one can be THAT cool under extreme stress, people!!

it’s not that i don’t like CSI… the reverse, in fact… the wife and i live on CSI… if we couldn’t manage to watch it during the week nights, we catch up to it starting 9pm Sundays, where all 3 shown within the week are replayed… i just can’t pass up this chance to comment on this episode…

Ciao, sweetie… 8) plastic surgeon in Naples??




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