a Tagalog movie to watch out for…

22 03 2007


with Leo Martinez as Congressman Manhik Manaog at your self-service and Manuel “Jun” Urbano, Jr as Mr Shooli, M.O.N.A.Y ni Mr Shooli is set to be shown soon in Philippine theaters…

M.O.N.A.Y or “Misteyks of the Neysyon Address Yata” is a movie, though political in nature but without pointing to any particular issue, with lots of comedy, but the nature of the movie is serious… according to Martinez, this movie is meant to educate votes who will troop to the polls on May 14…

maraming tangang pulitiko ang nasa puwesto dahil na rin sa mga tangang botante

and that is true enough… if we want politicians who will work towards the people’s agenda, who is working for us and not for themselves or for their political partymates or their friends or their padrinos, we must be astute enough to know our politicians not simply because they are celebrities…

anyway, this is one Pinoy movie that i will definitely watch our for… you see, i don’t watch Pinoy movies for the very simple reason that watching one makes me feel stupid afterwards… which is why i will not be voting for Cesar Montano because his platform will be the movie industry… ewwwww…

Ciao, sweetie… 8)

[techtags: MONAY, politics, movies, Mr Shooli]

(i) aside: go for the rhinoplasty Houston, Texas




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