back again… maybe not…

21 03 2007


the passion i showed posting almost everyday of February and the 1st half of March is now waning… prolly because of lack of material [i have some i have been working on for the longest time now], absence of creativity [as if i have one in the first place], insufficient enthusiasm, or simply, my personal problems are getting in the way… but whatever the case, soon, i’ll have my materials to work with, i’ll be getting my enthusiasm back, or hopefully, my personal problems [no Virginia, i don’t need a facial plastic surgery] would have been resolved by then…

that last will be more preferrable… 😦

the wife have been more attentive and understanding these bleak days, but i still get the feeling that she is slowly doubting whether i can hurdle though this… i am having some doubts myself now…

i just hope an answer will manifest itself soon… before i get really frustrated, call it a checkmate, and turn to more unsavory solutions… **damn**

be strong, sweetie… ;(

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