how do you want your Linux flavored??

26 02 2007


…with chocolate?? 😀

again, with CNET TV

an ice-cream vending company, Moo Bella, which dispenses ice-cream out of a vending machine… then again, that is not very innovative, but for the fact that the vending machine “scoops out” in 12 different flavors of ice cream… much like Linux, huh?? 😀

and the way the guy being interviewed described their product being “innovative, multi-patented, and an industry-disruptive system”, you might think that he is describing Linux… what??

and try these buzzwords he threw in the meantime on for size:

  • on demand
  • custom-made
  • modular design
  • variety of additional variations


obligatory link: New Jersey plastic surgery

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




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