are you up for more money??

25 02 2007


…or for those who haven’t yet, maybe you can use your blog now to make money?? enough money to get that hair trimmed the way you like it, or get that cellphone you’ve long been pining for, or maybe even that San Diego used BMW with enough left to ship it over?? 😀

i am talking about AGLOCO also know as A GLObal COmmunity, or formerly the AllAdvantage 2.0, where the company is 100% member-owned…

i am not much of a believer in networking because no one made money out of that except, maybe, the top ones on the leader board, but i believe this one’s different… so, when do you start making money??

the concept of AGLOCO is earn money while you surf… well, there are several ways, really, and they are:

1. refer friends/relatives/enemies — no, that last one was a joke… but hey!! if you can, then why not?? you can have as many direct referrals as you want, and extended referrals by your directs up to 4 levels

2. use the Viewbar — it is a small toolbar that sits at the bottom of your screen or browser window while you surf the Internet. The Viewbar™ software is what enables AGLOCO to collect the money you are earning while browsing the Internet.

and more!!

so, if you’re ready to earn money, just go to the AGLOCO sign-up page and you’ll get all the information you’d need to make your decision from there…

what’re you waiting for??

me, i am saving up for that camera lens that makes my mouth salivate…

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




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