sex becoming a commodity

17 02 2007


before, it was sex for money, today it is sex for PBB…

yep, that’s right… there are now women who will exchange sex for a chance to be one of the contestants in Channel 2‘s Pinoy Big Brother, well, at least one 17-year old exchanged her body for that chance…

in today’s XXX episode, a certain Romulo Ramos aka “Darwin” approached 17-year old “Julia” and told her that he is a talent scout, and that he can enter Julia as one of the contestants living in “Bahay ni Kuya“… Darwin later on asked Julia to have sex with him since, he told her, her background was not so good and she will not be able to enter Kuya’s house, unless she has sex with him…

and so, Julia had sex with him, not knowing that Darwin is bogus, and not really a talent scout for ABS-CBN, nor for any other television show… to make a long story short, Darwin was later on apprehended and now languishing in jail… if convicted, it is expected that he will be jailed for life…

and Julia?? she simply wants justice… but for me, aside from the fact that she is 17 years old and therefor legally a minor, there can be no legal case against Darwin… i am not on his side, okay?? nor on Julia’s… simply looking this on a legal standpoint… but then again, i am no lawyer, so i may not even have that to hold on to… rape? i don’t think so… though there is no implicit consent on her side, she still went through with it just for the chance to join a television show…

Darwin’s problem now is the fact that Julia is still a minor…

finally, this begs the question: is sex now becoming a commodity, one that you can give away in exchange for something that you really want?? if the answer to that is yes, then women are now no better than whores sex workers, working mainly for sex…

have women sunk this low??

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




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20 02 2007


hahahahHAHAHAHA!! right you are benj… but is it really worth it?? 😀

20 02 2007

But THIS is PBB Chris!

You can actually become a spokesperson and image model for the most prestigious soy sauce and vinegar company in the country if you win!!!

It’s worth it!
text PBB JULIA and send to 2366!

17 02 2007

good one, Ced… like i said, i am no lawyer… 😀

if that is the case [Julia being duped by means of fraudulent means] then, Darwin can expect to rot in jail…

but what about Julia?? i mean, what does she get out of this, aside from having been a virgin no more — if she IS a virgin to begin with — and having her 15 minutes of fame??

and yes, i am not talking about women in general… 😛

Ciao… 8)

17 02 2007

“but for me, aside from the fact that she is 17 years old and therefor leaglly a minor, there can be no legal case against Darwin”

I’m not sure if I got it right, but how I understood your statement is that her being a minor makes her unable to file a case against the man. If I did get it right, then I’d say she can file a case against him of course regardless of her age.

Anyhoo, even if the act was consensual, the fact that the guy duped her to have sex with him is enough reason to file a rape charge. According to Chapter 3 Article 266-A of the Revised Penal Code, one of the conditions for rape is when a man does the sexual deed with a woman, “by means of fraudulent machination or grave abuse of authority.”

Even if the girl doesn’t file the case herself, the State can file it for her since rape is a public crime.

As for the question of sex being a commodity, I’d say that it’s been so for ages at least for those who give it in exchange for money or favors. However, I wouldn’t say that it applies to all women, or even to the majority of them.

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