14 02 2007


don’t do what i wouldn’t do… 😉




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20 02 2007

But THIS is PBB Chris!

You can actually become a spokesperson and image model for the most prestigious soy sauce and vinegar company in the country if you win!!!

It’s worth it!
text PBB JULIA and send to 2366!

18 02 2007

chalk stupidity to being a minor? i dont think so. in this day and age the ‘minor’ bit is a double-standard. of course i dont have anything against protecting minors that _needs_ to be protected but using it to protect the stupid who was willing to be used and abused? puhleaaassssseeee!!!!! i am not paying taxes faithfully to tolerate and promote stupidity.

now if you are saying the state is filing a case against somebody who raped a minor who happened to be on the wrong place at the wrong time then that is the law protecting those who needs to be protected.

darwin can be beheaded for all i care for breaking the law. but dont tell me that julia needs protection unless you meant condoms and maybe a lobotomy. sterilization could also be an option so stem the (warning: incoming bad pun) darwinism of our society.

sounds harsh? look around you and be realistic. we are a nation bulging with overpopulation. stopping the propagation of stupidity would be good for our world. add in the politicians for good measure.


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