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11 02 2007


bjmaduro today commented on politics is not for you, Manny but it gave me a very big headache simply reading it… i am not in the habit of giving advices to my commenters, but i’d make an exception to this one…

you may have valid points in your comment [and indeed, you have], but it would have been easier on the eyes if you’ve used paragraphs… the ENTER key is right there by your right hand, use it!!

ok, now that we have that out of the way, let us dissect this very long essay and answer it point-by-point… [you can find the comment here]

why stop manny on seeking a public office? it is manny’s decision and not yours. he worked hard to reach where he is now. give him a break.

but i am not stopping him to run!! that is still his final decision… all i am saying is that he has no business to run for office… and he worked hard to win boxing bouts, not political bickerings… although both can be vicious, only politics can leave mental scars…

what i am asking is for him to reconsider [read: pleading]

the man thinks and decides by himself without being influenced by any person. what he does he decides and no one influenced him in doing so. the man unfortunately lacks education but this is the time for him to prove that even those who were not educated can lead and make progress in his hometown of gensan. why impose your idea on the man?

…not influenced, you say?? c’mon, the man is so popular he reeks with it, it oozes out of every pore of his skin, and everyone touched by it cannot help but be dizzy… and who was teh first politician who touched him?? Manila mayor Lito Atienza was the first, and Atienza asked him to run for vice mayor of the city, maybe, just maybe, Manny considered, that was why he transferred residency in Manila… you call that not influenced?? before LAKAS people approached him for the May elections, i don’t think he has any idea that he’d be running for mayor of GenSan… but now??

you are delusional dreaming, my friend, if you think the reason Manny wants to run is to simply to help the people of his province… and i am not imposing… merely suggesting… i don’t have authority over the man to impose anything…

can you not accept the fact that manny is going to overshadow most of you who are educated if manny wins a public office?

doing what?? lawmaking?? again, this is pure delusion shit filth dreaming, for want of a better word, if you really believe this… the man has no formal education in politics, no lawmaking capabilities, no human resource skills, and no management craft to speak of… what can he do in government?? he will only be eaten alive by those who know the ins and outs of the government, whether in local politics or in national governance… can you really picture the man [your idol, i pressume] talking with local businessmen to push for wage reforms?? or how about project planning and implementation??

it is easy to say that he will leave that to his people, and i don’t argue with that… but who will suffer once his people makes a mistake?? will they?? nope, he will… and all this simply because he has no business in politics…

gensan is the home of manny not the entire philippines. come on and face the reality. we who like to see manny beat his opponents in the ring also ride on his popularity and brag about being a filipino as if manny belongs to us. he does not belongs to us. he belongs to the politicians who were always with him when he stopped wearing a decent usual short that had the usual three stars on the side that can be bought from baclaran, quiapo, or divisoria whenever he fights. he belongs to the people of gensan only. that is the sad reality. he fights for the filipino people and the country on top of the ring but he had to fight for his gensan people in the ring of politics. the sad thing is that he loves the gensan people more than he love most filipinos but this is the naked truth. we have to be happy for the gensan people for having manny. it is like being happy for pampanga in having efren with the toothless grin. do not blame the people around manny.

i am sure you lost me there, somewhere… anyway…

i am not saying he shouldn’t fight for the people of GenSan, ok?? please read all posts related to this issue and you will see that i am pushing him to help, not only the GenSan populace, but as many people from anywhere else that he can…

enough said!

and yada, yada, yada… it continues on until you suddenly hear ‘ZZZzzzzzz’ in background only to finally find out that you’ve dozed off due to extreme boredom…

as with my previous posts, i am STILL calling for Manny’s backing down from running… and lastly…

pacquiao for gensan mayor or congressman!

why not for president?? so that the whole Philippines can finally go into an even deeper muck than we are currently in…


i will still not give up on you, Manny… again, leave politics to those who don’t know any better… you are a good man… be the best man by helping people on your own without the benefits or backing of an office… i am sure more people will want to back you up if you want to do something on your own, but will back down if you hold a government position…

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




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12 02 2007

I see your commenter has lost the very essence of a real public service. Lets say, for example, that every manny in this country would just run and engage in politics, sure they can, and sure they’ll win, but will they be good at this? I doubt it that the many “mannys” in this country have a real heart for public service. Public service is a dream…You have to have nightmares of that dream! Until one day you’ll wake up thinking, uhh “I’m really gonna be doing it. Wish myself luck, I’ll try changing the world!” –that’s when great politicians really make something good out of running. It is not a simple fame and power that leads you in believing that a person as good as Manny Pacquiao really knows what a real public service for the Filipino people. One day he’ll wake up thinking “WOW! so nice to be a mayor, why not I try governor or senator, in four year I’d be on my way to Malacanang. Cool!”

12 02 2007
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12 02 2007

I am not aware of Manny Pacquiao’s (non-boxing) credentials nor if he is fit to run for Mayor or Congressman. But there’s one thing I’m sure of:

I like him better as a boxer. :d

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