politics is not for you, Manny

4 02 2007


Manny Pacquiao finally gave in to other people’s desire for him to run in May… he is still figuring out whether to run as mayor of his native city, or as a congressman of his province… in any case, he still has until Feb 12 to figure it out…

but whatever the case, may it be mayor or congressman, there’s only one thing i, and millions of other Filipinos who truly admire you and care for you, can say: PLEASE DON’T RUN!! yes, you may be a better politician than most, but please be a better person instead… you want to help people?? you can help them even if you are outside of the system, more even because you are not tied to any political wrangling, and the number of people you can help will even be greater because you will not be helping just those who voted for you…

please don’t give in to the machinations of Gloria… the people are still stronger than her, even if she has LAKAS by her side, infinitely stronger… don’t let your charisma be used by politicians who are out to serve their own needs… nakikisakay lang sila sa atraksyon ng tao sa iyo ngayon!! but what do you think will happen once you lose the backing of the people?? will these same politicians still be behind you no matter what??

please don’t be like another Robert Jaworski who run only because he was popular… he was not able to pass any significant law during his term, and i am so sad to say, neither will you… politics is not for you… don’t enter it… you belong to a totally different arena…

oh sure, you will win, maybe even by a landslide, what with the fickle-minded and celebrity-loving voters we have… but that is not the way to serve… not by entering politics…

just say no, Manny… just say no… and i, along with millions of other Filipinos, will love you more for it…

please?? ;(

PS: Shari and I are creating a manifesto against Manny’s political ambitions… you can help by signing…




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15 02 2007


That’s a neat way to make a point. :o)

While Manny like most Pinoys have every right to run for any public office, each one should have a sense of one’s own limitations; i.e., “where to start and where to end”.

I do not know whether he understands the difference between running for an executive or a legislative office. I think we’ve had enough of people doesn’t know a thing about effectively making and passing laws that really benefit the nation. I wouldn’t even say they’re just seat-warmers since a lot of them are notorious for absenteeism.

You could say that Manny can probably create a pool of advisors for him to be able to contribute to legislation. Unfortunately, Manny seem to be poor at taking advices lately. Didn’t he sign two contracts upon ‘advice’ of his lawyer? Recently, even Freddie Roach has this to say about Manny… “I’m very disappointed in Manny’s people for not asking me about this opponent, and for accepting the fight.”

Freddie Disappointed Over Solis As Manny’s Next Opponent!

To Manny, hunos-dili ka ‘tol… you should have heeded your mother’s advice. Don’t they know best?

12 02 2007

sorry, chris. but that’s the point. manny should have remained in what he’s good at. he should have used paragraphs and pauses to know where to start and where to end. well, he is his own master. and , i would like to believe that.

12 02 2007

Whoa. What an awfully long comment.. Nalula ako. LOL.

11 02 2007

uhhhh… ok??

i am having a hard time reading this, and didn’t care anymore if this is SPAM or not… what you could have done:

1. created your own post, and simply linked to this post; or,
2. use paragraphs and short sentences;

maybe, after the headache has gone later, i’ll be reading and/or editing your post again…

Ciao… 8)

11 02 2007

why stop manny on seeking a public office? it is manny’s decision and not yours. he worked hard to reach where he is now. give him a break. the man thinks and decides by himself without being influenced by any person. what he does he decides and no one influenced him in doing so. the man unfortunately lacks education but this is the time for him to prove that even those who were not educated can lead and make progress in his hometown of gensan. why impose your idea on the man? can you not accept the fact that manny is going to overshadow most of you who are educated if manny wins a public office? gensan is the home of manny not the entire philippines. come on and face the reality. we who like to see manny beat his opponents in the ring also ride on his popularity and brag about being a filipino as if manny belongs to us. he does not belongs to us. he belongs to the politicians who were always with him when he stopped wearing a decent usual short that had the usual three stars on the side that can be bought from baclaran, quiapo, or divisoria whenever he fights. he belongs to the people of gensan only. that is the sad reality. he fights for the filipino people and the country on top of the ring but he had to fight for his gensan people in the ring of politics. the sad thing is that he loves the gensan people more than he love most filipinos but this is the naked truth. we have to be happy for the gensan people for having manny. it is like being happy for pampanga in having efren with the toothless grin. do not blame the people around manny. you blame them because you do not have the privilege of being close to manny. this people thinks only the best for manny. have for manny the best of both worlds when they allowed manny to sign two contracts for being too accomodating and nice to everyone. they might have seen the problem of fighting the tough guys in his weight class and created the problem for manny’s future fights so they could save him from too much physical pains that may be absorbed by his head and body. if what i am saying is true, i would like to thank the people around him who works for manny. it maybe a ploy they hatched to save manny from the brutalities of boxing. who knows? maybe that is how they can be protective of manny. these people who made life difficult for manny in boxing and made life easier for manny in politics should be given credit, due honor, and recognition. it is only just that they should benefit from manny’s popularity. manny would have not reached where he is now if not for these people. if we are proud of manny, we should be proud of these people as well. manny already reached the zenith of his career as a boxer and has nothing left to prove. i guess everyone should recognize the fact that he thinks and decides on his own and should be the boss. he does not owe us anything, there is a lot we owe from him. his decisions should not be influenced by any of us. he already said that he seek a public office in gensan and it would be a cowardice if he would decide otherwise. if he backs out later, he would waste a great opportunity to love his people of gensan, as if it is the only way of expressing love towards them. forget about manny, he already served all filipinos. let him now serve his people in gensan in any way he deems appropriate. we should all move on and content ourselves in wishing manny the best of luck in politics and in his singing career. boxing is almost a thing of the past for manny. many can beat anyone in his weight class even he lacks preparation. he can manage it. manny does not need roach anymore. i guess manny is already a complete boxer. roach just want to convince everyone that hes the one who made progress on the way manny fights. manny was a world beater already even when roach was not yet in charge of the training. manny is an intelligent boxer and he learns by himself. he can win a fight without a coach and a trainer. he is a gifted natural boxer. roach would only make it appear that he was the one who molded manny. it is not roach who knocks the opponent out, it is manny. manny does not need arum or dela hoya or any promoter except those people around him. why pay them for promoting his fights when they don’t need to promote manny at all? remember, manny does not need to do the chasing, it is the other boxers who are chasing manny for a fight. manny should teach arum and dela hoya a lesson or two. he is the boss. not arum and dela hoya. these two are afraid of manny and everyone knows why and nedd not to elaborate.

pacquiao for gensan mayor or congressman!

8 02 2007

Tsk tsk. Only one person here is laughing all the way to the bank.

7 02 2007
Pinoy Blogosphere

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7 02 2007

I blogged about this as well Election Time Already? I will DEFINITELY sign that manifesto! Argh! enough with celebrity people in politics!

5 02 2007

@jorge: we will put up the manifesto as soon as we can… hopefully before the 12th so that people can sign up and we can send it to Manny as soon as we can…

Ciao… 8)

5 02 2007

I blogged about this the other day as well… where do I sign up for the manifesto? 😉

4 02 2007
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