Windows VISTA upgrades will frustrate users…

31 01 2007


vista-logo.pngWindows VISTA finally [finally!! after 2 years!!] launches here in the Philippines… the formal launch will happen at the Mall of Asia on the 3rd of February [this coming Saturday]…

BUT, but, before you decide to take that plunge, note that Windows VISTA Upgrade Edition will likely frustrate all you XP users… according to the article, when you try to install the Upgrade Edition on a new machine, or a previously wiped out machine, Vista will not permit you to do a ‘clean’ install even if you could provide proof of possession or ownership of a previous version of Windows… simply, this means that you still need to install your previous OS AND install VISTA over that… if it takes 1 hour to install XP, and another hour to upgrade to VISTA, then prepare to waste 2 hours of your time…

also, VISTA upgrade edition will not allow you to do a clean install on a separate partition or a different hard disk on the same computer your XP is in, unless you do another install of your XP…

of course, you can always go the OEM way… buy a PC pre-loaded with VISTA… but that’s for another post…

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




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2 02 2007
JC John SESE Cuneta

See you sa launching.



2 02 2007

Hi There! Thanks for posting at PYS good post. But I think it’s just a duplicate. Please do some changes or Google might drop your PR.

Please use “Georgia” as your text. I am expecting your cooperation. Thanks and Sorry about this!

1 02 2007

argh. my man will get mad. haha!

31 01 2007
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