i received my eTicket!!

25 01 2007


blogparteeh-ticket.JPGyey!! i just received my Blog Parteeh! 07 eTicket for the bloggers party set for this Saturday!! yipeee!! **jumps for joy**

…well, not really jumping for joy as my arthritic and rheumatic joints won’t allow them to do that anymore… at least, in spirit i am… hehehe… :d

now, there’s one more thing i have to do… make sure all others will not be able to attend the party so that i get to bring home lots of giveaways!!

this is the 2nd invite i got, after that Pyro World Olympics tickets i won from Abe a few weeks back… nice!!

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




4 responses

26 01 2007
mr nice ash

Congratulations!!! See you tomorrow. 🙂

26 01 2007
Janette Toral

See you Chris. I look forward in catching up with you.

26 01 2007
A Parteeh Ticket! What are the Other Bloggers Talking About Now? Hmm. | *Jozzua

[…] I got my ticket! I didn’t realize it was sent to me until I saw Chris Haravata’s post on the blog parteeh. Even Darwin’s post talked about that little tidbit. I suddenly realized and asked… where the hell is my ticket? Then I found it on my Gmail. Whew… I was worried there for a minute. I hope Retzwerx gets his ticket soon too. Hey check your email, man! […]

26 01 2007

Hey Chris! This is Ganns of GannsDeen.com. Swung by to check out your blog before tomorrow’s Parteeh. It’s purty cool. See you then!

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