parteeh na tayo!!

23 01 2007


blogparteeh-sidebar.gif i woke up early today… it cannot be denied that there is an air of excitement embracing every pore of my body…

i woke my wife up… she is going to work today and she has to be up early to be able to make her 8am time in at work… once up, i went down the stairs and on to the coffee maker to brew up coffee for me and the wife… with coffee in hand, i went straight to my computer to read up on emails that have accumulated during the night i was asleep… hmmm… nothing new there… how about news?? nada… my RSS feeds?? none is interesting… but why is it that even with coffee in hand, it does not diminish the apprehension and excitement that i am feeling?? what is it with today that is so exciting??

ok, the wife is now all set up to go to work, i start the car, take it out of the garage, and prepared to take her to her place of work… afterwards, i drive around Makati, with the feeling that i forgot something, that i have something i have to do later here in Makati… hmmm… there it is again… the excitement, the feeling of agitation…

wait… i know!! today is is the day!! yes!! now i remember!! Blog Parteeh ‘07 na!! so, i drove straight for home, and waited patiently until the time comes that i have to leave again for the parteeh…

but it is just 9:30 in the morning?? what can i do to pass the time?? i know, think about all the prizes i can get in the party later… hmmm… theres an iPod Video 5.5 Gen 30GB… i hope i get that… there are, also, boxes of Krispy Kreme‘s… yummmyyyyy… there’s a JBL Creature II 3-piece speaker system… and of course, there are Php2,500 worth of gift certificates for Bubba Gump… mmmm, shrimps…

what?? it is just 9:45?? time is really soooo slow when you’re waiting for something… tsk tsk tsk…

might as well sleep again… zzzzzzzzzz…

11am… ho hum… better take a shower then…

ok, put on pants, where’s my shoes?? hmmm… where’s my phone, WHERE’S MY PHONE?? oh, there it is… my keys, my yosi [don’t forget that]… where’s my car, dude?? oh… and the camera…

ready to go… when suddenly, my world starts to shake!! there’s an earthquake?? an earthquake, of all days?? why?? why today?? and my world suddenly turns black…

wife: sweetie, sweetie, huy!! gising!! nanaginip ka e…

me: wha?? wha?? ano na ba araw ngayon??

wife: Wednesday, baket??

me: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! ;(


ang tagal naman ng Sabado…

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




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23 01 2007
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