“Linux is not easier to use than Windows and it never will be” – TechRepublic blogger

23 01 2007


tux-windows.jpg …not my words, though… that is the title of TechRepublic blogger Steven Warren‘s post, and he hit the nail ight on the head when he quoted that “The majority of the world’s population is lazy, Microsoft is easy, Linux is a mystery!”… it is true, though, Microsoft is really relatively easier to use… all you need to understand is how to use the mouse to point and click [or double-click, as the case may be], and your keyboard to type in…

Linux is not for the following kinds of people:

  • faint of heart
  • without patience
  • stupid

don’t get me wrong here… i am not saying that Windows users are stupid, ok?? all i am saying is that if you have no time and patience to spare, or you are easily susceptible to heart attacks when things go wrong, or when you don’t have the learning capacity to learn Linux, you might as well stick it out with your trusty ‘ol Windows box…

I do not believe either Gnome or KDE is easier to move around than Windows.

this is true, Gnome or KDE cannot compare to the ease-of-use feature of Windows XP or Windows Vista… the buttons are where they were yesterday, and you are sure that there is where it will be today… and tomorrow, for that matter…

Gnome and KDE applications are wont to crash whenever you use them, spoiling the hours of work done… but hey! isn’t this the same for Windows?? or maybe, i am wrong?? hmmm?? :s

Linux overall lacks standardization. How can you create a community of users when nobody can agree on the standard?

this one is true, too… it was Unix who created the Internet standards, wasn’t it?? not even Microsoft can claim that fame… what Microsoft did was use these same standards, change them a little around the edges, called them their own, patented, and created a community around it… thereby creating a closed-group of people who cannot communicate effectively within a diverse community… it is much like reinventing English and forcing other nationalities to use it… or more commonly know as vendor lock-in

Most people do not want to use the command line and there is no reason in this day and age to have to be forced to use it.

yup, also true… but where did Windows start off with first?? anyone?? [i feel like a college teacher again… 😀]

Microsoft started creating a command line interface for the IBM-PC early in 1981, and they continued upgrading that until Microsoft came out with it’s first version of Windows in 1985… users back then, including this author, also started with a command-line interface very much similar to that of Linux… that was why i am at-home when i am in front of my Linux console…

There are too many weird names for things in Linux. THEY DON’T MAKE ANY SENSE. Gimp, Yast, Yum, oh my! It’s insane.

of course!! that’s the way it should be, right?? please remember that these FREE applications were made by a bunch of college-geeks with nothing better to do [no dates on Saturday nights]… they just whipped up a few thousand lines of code together, have a few beers, and calls it the frist thing that comes to their minds… geeks are not known for being creative, anyway…

giants, like Microsoft, hire an advertising agency to come up with a nice-sounding name like XP or Vista, whereas kids who only have a few bucks to their names cannot afford to… that’s why the names… but, really, so what?? if they work as they were advertised, i don’t care about the names they carry… right??


now, i wonder what the author of that post would feel when i tell him that he was working on an application born out of Linux?? yes, mister author, you, or your server, were using Apache to show this rant to the Internet… it was easy, right? because that was pre-configured for you by people who know more than you, using the command line interface, and not being bothered by it…

but again, i just got myself baited by another useless trolling… when will i ever learn?? 😀

i can tell you a long list of items about Linux that Windows doesn’t have… but then again, that is for another post…

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




9 responses

28 01 2007

secret. hahaha!

26 01 2007

i mean, Noel… hehehe… honest mistake… honest!! 😀

how are you related to Rommel Feria?? that was why i called you Rommel… sorry…

Ciao… 8)

26 01 2007

@ChrisH – Me? Rommel? Nope. 😀

24 01 2007

@kuriharu, i agree that Gnome, or KDE for that matter, crashes more often than Windows XP… even i have experienced that… but let’s look at the maturity level of the product it is being compared to…

how long have Windows been in the market?? 20 years?? and yet, we are still getting blue screens of death?? and people pay for that!!

but then again, i haven’t much cared for WYSIWYG…


24 01 2007

I can tell you that Gnome and KDE applications DO crash. More so than Windows XP in my experience. Win 98/95 were much worse, so Gnome/KDE are a step up from that. But so far I see more crashes and lock ups in Gnome than I do in XP.

(Of course, I’m going to see dozens of “it’s not Gnome, it’s the app” type of responses. Can’t the same be said of XP, 2000 or evern *gasp* 98? Or is MS automatically guilty?)

23 01 2007

I think he meant standardization between disribtions and desktop environments. This is a problem, but LSB progress is too slow and it wont standartize everything. Why should i use qt if I want to make kde app which integrates well in the environment (or gtk in gnome)? Kde fears that people will start using gtk instead of qt (same with gnome and qt)? We need to stop such wars and give developers freedom of choice.

23 01 2007

hi Rommel… dugg… 8)

23 01 2007

how about posting this to Digg? 😀

23 01 2007
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