this short film sure rocks!!

22 01 2007


ok, all of you non-married girls or guys thinking of having sex in the very near future must really take a look at this very funny short film… it is a classy and sophisticated statement about postmodern dating, and will definitely do you [and your partner] some good before hitting the sack… it was created by Jason Reitman who was also the director of the much-acclaimed Thank You for Smoking [currently downloading] in 2005…

imagine this: as you and your partner are starting to get intimate in the bedroom, you suddenly remembered something very important that you have to get out of your pants pocket… nope, not the condom, that is already a given… but a contract or a consent form detailing what you can do with your partner [or rather, what you want to do] and what you want your partner to do with you… the work is a real ballbreaker, but the satisfaction you’ll get will definitely be rewarding afterwards… 😉

so, start viewing now, and i’m sure you’ll love it like it did!! 😀

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




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23 01 2007

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22 01 2007
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