who really was Mahoma??

21 01 2007


have you heard old people [which include me and the wife…] say the term “panahon pa ni mahoma” everytime they want to say that something is really really old?? well, i did hear someone say that just very recently, and it got me wondering who this Mahoma was… he clearly was a person, but not any person i’ve heard of eversince i first learned my Philippine histories…

and so, i fired up my browser and went to my favorite search engine, Google, entered mahoma and pressed enter…

ok, so there is a specie of a fish in Spain with scientific name Dipturus oxyrinchus with the common name mahoma…. not that…

there is also a Ranch Mahoma in the Dominican Reppublic… moving on…

and finally, there was an Arab named Mahoma who was born in the year 570, which alone qualifies him as the point of comparison when taking about age…

but how did he become part of the local lore of the Philippines?? what was his connection to us?? or us to him??

mahoma.jpg according to the translated text, Mahoma was born in the year 570 in or near Jordan who, apparently, was the founder of the Islam religion… he was 52 years old when the birth of the Islamic religion took place, and he was remebered as “the man who managed to turn to his creed all the tribes of the Arabic peninsula and transformed to the mercantile republic of Mecca into the spiritual capital of a religious empire.

so that clearly means the saying panahon pa ni Mahoma came from our Muslim brothers!! Tagalogs then adapted the name Mahoma to signify age!! or did we?? if it was us, why did we not name a person more known [more known to non-Muslims]??

there’s only one answer to all these questions, and that’s the saying started from the Muslims and that we jsut copied it from them… eh?? now, i just have to find my Muslim friend and ask him… πŸ˜€

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




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14 12 2011

Ah,my brother(or sister)…Clearly you are simply referring to the famous Muhammad,the founder of Islam..and you are not even aware of it, huh? Muhammad is called with different variations: Mohammed, Mohammad, Muhammad, and ..Mahoma…I wonder if Pinoys are really referring to him. And who was Gen. Homa? Or Kopong-kopong?

20 07 2010

I think you are been misled by this infomation thru internet…the word or named “MaHoma” originated after the post world war II after the japanese occupation in the philippines. “MaHoma” is Gen. Masaharu Homma (Homma, Masaharu, 27 November 1887 – 3 April 1946) was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army. He is noteworthy for his role in the invasion and occupation of the Philippines during World War II and the infamous “Bataan Death March”.

During post war time..most of the folks from Bataan this been widely used words “Panahon pa ni Mahoma” meaning “it’s quite old story”,of some sorts…hope this enlighten you.

Br:Alvin from Bataan

28 10 2009

NO, Mahoma came from MASAHARU HOMMA, a japanese general during the world war II. He was in charged of the Philippine base back in the 40’s.

25 01 2007

I dont know if you have heard of it but the Tagalog’s have a similar saying for stressing the age of something. its “noong bata pa si sabel”. there is a movie with the same title but i think the phrase is way older than the movie.

another one is “noong panahon ni/ng kopong-kopong”. i have no idea who or what “kopong-kopong” is. i would surmise it came from the word “kopo” which means “group”. if that is true then it might refer to the time when people in the philippines live in secluded groups within a barrio.


23 01 2007
andrew torres
22 01 2007

yay, all this time i thought mahoma was some japanese guy…thanks for the trivia πŸ™‚

21 01 2007

uhh, ok…

but, i don’t get it… what has the URL you gave got to do with my post?? :s


21 01 2007
andrew torres


enclosed is a url u might find useful. The Muslims came to the Philippines via Mindanao in the 14th Century AHEAD of the Spaniards. πŸ™‚


21 01 2007
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