yes, Virginia, some women are this gullible

20 01 2007


the wife and i were watching the show XXX [eXplosibong eXklosibong eXpose] of ABS-CBN Channel 2 last week, and there was one episode where a certain Richard Miranda aka Clarence allegedly victimized a girl named Sandra into having sex with him…

apparently, they met through a chat channel [if you don’t know, a chat channel is where you register and text your messages and/or images to a certain shortcode, and your message will appear on TV], became friends, and later on, Clarence texted Sandra that he is willing to give 25-35K [thousand] to her if she will just have sex with him… and so they met up, they ate, and later on, ended up in a motel and had wild sex…

anyway, to make a long story short, Sandra reported this to XXX because, again apparently, Clarence kept on calling her saying that if she will not have sex with him again, with another friend, Clarence will post all her naked pictures which he took the 1st time they met…

Clarence was later on apprehended with the help of XXX and the police… the end… or is it??

in today’s episode of XXX, two other women surfaced basically telling the same thing against Clarence… the only difference was that they met up using Internet chat, instead of meeting in a chat channel… 30-year old Ivy and 17-year old Sunshine both told XXX of their “ordeal” with Clarence…

now, Clarence is being charged with theft [he stole the ladies’ cellular phones], rape, and child abuse [because Sunshine was just 17 years old]…

this post does not condone what Clarence allegedly did… but it does not empathize with the alleged victims, either… and this was because they got what they deserved to get… if they are to be believed, then they deserve Clarence and what he did to them!!

if you haven’t met a person before, then he proposes that you and him have sex in exchange for 25-30 thousand pesosesoses, but later on doesn’t give you any money, what do you call yourself?? a victim?? oh c’mon, you don’t really believe that, do you?? because you are a fool if you do… really…

so, what do you say??

me? there’s only one thing i want to say to you, that is, if you are a woman:

i will give you 25-30K if you will have sex with me… no one will know, just the 2 of us… if you agree, contact me at 0917xxxxxxx… πŸ˜€

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




7 responses

25 01 2007

i am with you when you said your “faith in them went down a couple of notches”… i dunno how low my faith in them can still get, though… πŸ˜€

your comment got me to thinking, though: what would i do if i were a producer of the show?? hmmm… :s

Ciao… 8)

25 01 2007

no, im not saying that. im just being realistic and never believed that these programs are out there to bring good to the oppressed. they are only interested in one thing: audience share. helping people is only a side-effect to these people no matter how they sugar-coat the packaging.

i only heard a fraction of that segment but from what i heard my faith in “journalistic and investigative reporting” went down a couple of notches.

my point is that i agree that those victims are nothing more than bitter accomplices but i wont underestimate the show producers from milking the “story” just to get some airtime audiences because of “victim stupidity, err naivete” and the “incidental” sex-angle.


25 01 2007

but don’t you think that shows like XXX is showing the public that it is ok to sell your life around, and but when you are shortchanged, you have them to go to and complain?? and that they will do something about it?? i have to disagree with you on that one, Erin… πŸ™‚

Ciao… 8)

25 01 2007

i disagree on the comment about XXX wasting time on this story. sex and pseudo-oppression sells in philippine tv as well as self-inflicted stupidity. the sad thing is that it even applies to politics. 😦


21 01 2007

πŸ˜€ hahahha… i wouldn’t put it using harsh words like those, but, yes, i agree than XXX shouldn’t have wasted their time with those ‘whores’, as you so mildly put it…

here’s something to think about: what would’ve happened if those girls really got the money? would they have cried rape?



21 01 2007

i agree, those women deserved to be treated that way. heck, if i were part of XXX, i wouldn’t even waste time on that case…there are a lot more important things than the “woes” of bitter self-made whores…

20 01 2007
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