in a fit of boredom…

8 01 2007


before, it was Scrapbloggin, now, it is PictureTrail [or is that PhotoFlick??] that is the newest hit among bloggers of all kinds…

it basically follow the same rules as the others… upload your own pictures, configure them to use a flick, then show them to the public… but showing gives a new twist to your pictures, and i mean that both literally and figuratively…

one sample of this is the following:

photoflicking sample #1

you have different ways of showing off your pictures in your blog, or missing that, your own website, like so:

photoflicking sample #2


photoflicking sample #3

since these were made in Flash, loading them onto your pages would not use much bandwidth… posting them is also as easy as copying a few lines of code and pasting them onto your pages… ain’t that neat??

anyway, you have another playting for your pictures… hmmm, can i use the same codes to post my recently shot pyro pictures?? [**thinking**]

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




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