1st attempt at mono with a dash of color

3 01 2007


i found this site which is a collection of photography [my current hobby] tutorials for n00b’s like me… it offers a great store of photography tips to hlep starting photographers [and digital artists] that i have bookmarked it…

anyway, one trick it taught was the creation of a monochromatic picture [black & white] with just a dash of color… examples of what i’ve done are the following:


this effect was done using Photoshop CS2… so, how to do this?

1. you will need a colored image that will make an impact in black and white, and has a defined area that you’d want to bring back in color [in the 1st photo above, the background are b&w while my baby is in full color, and in the 2nd picture, my baby is in b&w while the background is in color]… the area you’d want to bring back can be anything, so don’t fret if you can’t find anything to bring back in…

2. open this full color image in Photoshop, and select Image -> Adjustments -> Desaturate. this will turn your color image into black & white.

3. next, using the History Brush from the Toolbar [left side, circled in red], select the brush size from the Brushes Pallete… brush sizes can be as small as 1px to as large as 2500px.

4. then, simply “paint” over the area or object you want to bring back the color to… in our case, i’ve painted over the toy cars of my kid… continue with this until everything is back in color… then save as new filename… oh, and remember to always keep a copy of the original file in case you want to do anything else with it… sometimes, you may want to zoom in real close to get those hard to get areas to paint in…

and that’s it! the final product will now be this:

nice no? and it is so easy to boot!! and no, this is not doing an Angelica on my pictures… this is just simple image manipulation to bring out their best effect…

[click on the images for a larger picture]

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




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