“i’ll do an Angelica on you…”

11 12 2006


what started out to be a joke is now fast becoming a sick joke…

i am an amateur photographer, and whenever i have a shot that i’d want to keep but is really not worth posting for some reason or another, all i’d do is just fire up my ‘ol trusty photo editor, and do a little touch up on my photos… but my edits are limited to changing color settings, putting in a little artistic filter [sharpening, redering, pixelating], or simply to wipe away a little smudge on an otherwise perfect skin…

but i’ve never resorted to wholesale body changes on a subject, i mean, those total touch-ups that will render the subject unrecognizable [if you know the subject well], or that will put my amateurish photographic integrity in question…

this is what happened with the latest photo shoot of Angelica Panganiban with the Ginebra San Miguel poster… when the pictures first came out, everyone [including me] were all wowed with the way she looked on them, those fine wavy lines of her body, those perky full breasts, her poses were made to really make you stand up [both figuratively and literally] and take notice…

but then, pictures of the preparation for the shoot leaked out, and what were in there were very different with the final outcome… at first, i didn’t want to believe in them because i believed Angelica was that beautiful… but then again, better see for yourself:


guess which one’s the touched up…

that is what i meant by wholesale body changes… those baby fats were cleanly taken away and substituted with those fluid body curves… those somewhat immature breasts were perked up and made full and rounded!! i really have nothing against this, but it was as if people who did this made Angelica a goddess, instead of just a beautiful yet still emerging young lady [i love those baby fats of hers…]…

she 1st came out as the cover girl of Maxim’s Philippines maiden issue… we were all literally drooling over her… but now we know that this is all thanks to the magic of retouching… this action now puts into question the veracity of all those pictures of semi-naked women floating around in 30 or 40 different girlie mags… am i looking at an original picture? or am i viewing a retouched image? have they done an “Angelica” on all of those pictures that got me [and my wife] all excited? hmmm… [i wonder what those touch up artists are making nowadays??]

so, for all those whose pictures i’ve taken but weren’t really good, don’t worry…

“i’ll do an Angelica on you!!”

talk about truth in advertising

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




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22 08 2007

ang ganda talaga ng katawan mo.not like before,…………..1111111111111

6 08 2007

shocks! at first hindi rin ako makapaniwala na body talaga yon ni angelica kasi chubby kc xa!

18 12 2006

hi Erin!

nope, did not took the pics… it was just put in there automagically by WordPress… must have configured it to do that… 😀

will look into it… thanks!


18 12 2006

one of the reason why i stopped buying magazines. (kunyari hindi dahil nagtitipid ako 😀 ). i saw a calendar picture of katrina halili for a local spirit (tanduay or san miguel, i cant remember) and she looked like a skinny ghost that has bled out while maintaining the pose. i cant connect that image with the person i see on tv.

btw, chris your watermark on the picture might be inappropriate since you did not take it (did you? if yes, can i have copies of other shots. 😀 ). ianal but it could be misconstrued that you own the copyright on those pictures.


12 12 2006

thanks, Brian!

this just goes to show everyone that we shouldn’t believe everyhting we read or see, doesn’t it??

**groan** 😦

11 12 2006
Brian White

If you’ve never seen it, search for the “dove evolution” video. It’s an excellent example of how a “real” pretty woman is transformed in to the “really pretty woman” that so many girls (and women, too) want to be.

Here’s an example of my own digital photo retouching, but there have been no changes to body shape.

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