creating a movie out of still pictures

3 12 2006


the officers of Baddicts!, one of my badminton groups, asked me to create a presentation of the pictures i took from the last 2006 Baddicts PusoyDos Badminton Challenge… i have never made a presentation out of pictures, save for all those presentations i made for work… and so, i looked it up in the web and found one great tool for what i intend to do…

ok, the challenge is to create a presentation out of pictures, with transitions and ala-video effects, and possibly, with an audio file which will play in the background while the presentation is playing… and i found Windows Movie Maker

creating a movie [or a presentation] using this tool is fun and simple… just import the pictures [or movie files] you want to use, embed an audio file, play around with the effects and transitions that came with the application, and just let it play!! it even has the “Make an AutoMovie” option which looks at all your files and your audio, and creates a movie out of that!! how fun is that!! 😀

you want a sample of the final output? here it is:

thanks, Microsoft!! [whew, i never thought i’d be saying that!!]… also, a big thanks goes to the University of California, San Francisco for their Embedded Media HTML Generator… i am able to embed and stream my file because of their very handy html generator… you guys ROCK!! oh, and by the way, the movie file may stop from time to time since it is streaming and it is buffering the movie [it is 4.92MB and 4′ 18″ long]… and if you have a very slow connection, say a dial-up, i suggest you view this web-optimized movie file which is much smaller [1.3MB] though pixelated…

so, come Saturday, December 9th, this movie/presentation will be shown in the Christmas Party of Baddicts! right after the Body and Mind Mixed Tournament, which Apples and I are also participants… i smell a gold record!!

tools used:

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




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