new Internet connection, new headaches?

2 12 2006


glup_d_01.jpg just today, contractors from Globe Innove came to my house to install a broadband connection for my computer… i am no longer a PLDT/SMART fan, thanks to their very slow connections and slow-as-the-slowest-turtle technical support…

about a month ago, i already was up to here with my SMART BRO and their SMART BROken promises… my connection, which was supposed to be 384kbps was lucky enough to at least get up 64kbps… i later on found out that this was because i was connected to an old base station… and so, i applied to be connected to a newer base station so that i can at least enjoy my connection…

a week of promises [boken, at that] saw me ang Apples finally applying for a DSL connection from PLDT… so, we filled out a form, the wife sent it to PLDT, and about 4 days or so later, we found out that they can’t install a DSL in our house because of the connection our phone was using… PLDT’s technical support told us that the reason why they can’t install a DSL was because our phone line isn’t copper anymore, it is now fiber-optics… they’d be looking into it, daw… [last i heard, PLDT people are having a hard time with the FOs in the areas of Mandaluyong and Ortigas…] we still have to hear from them up tp this day…

and so, i decided last week on Globe’s Globelines Broadband… i filled up their application form, sent it in last Wednesday, they installed the phone line yesterdday, and they configured my Internet connection today… talk about fast!! and for a measly initial fee of P500, i have a new phone line [bye-bye PLDT line], and a broadband Internet connection all in one!!

i just hope i don’t feel let down with the speed of the connection… they told me that the highest throughput i can get in my area was 384kbps [which is alright by all accounts, considering that i only have one computer connected]… will be putting it through its paces tonight, and will tell you more as i go along…

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




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