busy these days… but with what??

24 11 2006


i have been so busy these past days that i’ve totally neglected posting here… i have so many new posts i want to share with you, but alas! i am so pressed for time… you see, i have a new job now…

but anyway, these last few weeks also saw me using my new PENTAX K100D dSLR… i already have a veritable collection of new pictures, both in my pictures site, as well as hundreds more in my PC at home… i have to find time to sift through them, trash everything that needs trashing, and afterwards, put all of them in my pictures site…


anyway, i am sure i’ll be finding time in the next week or so…

oh, and by the way, Apples and i have put up a new site for all food lovers out there… yes, i confess that i’ve become some sort of an amateur food connoisseur, much like being an amateur photographer, which means zero knowledge… the site can be found here… we are inviting all those who love eating to come to our site, if you want, you can register for an account, and be a food_blogger, just like us! we’d simply want you to send me an email detailing a little something about yourself, so that we’d know who our writers are… sounds good? then head out to the site and register now! šŸ˜€

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




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