31 07 2006


it was my birthday yesterday, July 30, and i am now officialy 38 years old… old? naahhh… don’t feel old at all, barring joint pains, not feeling it at all!! hehehe…

anyways, Apples and I celebrated our birthday month [her’s was on July 13] together…

circles.jpegas her gift to me, she brought me to Circles Event Cafe in Shangri-La Makati for a casual lunch… there was a buffet of Indian and Chinese food, American and Japanese, and of course, the dessert buffet which was simply heavenly!!

i gorged myself on the Japanese and seafood buffet… Apples is more inclined to try the American food [roasted lamb and duck]…

after that, we had the same tastes in dessert since we both go for chocolate than anything else…

after that very wonderful and filling lunch, and as my gift to her, we went to Blue Mountains Spa where we indulged ourselves in a couples’ spa [designed for couples, of course!!]… after the initial shower, we went into a couples’ spa where we stayed for 15 minutes trying to burn all our excess fats and toxins… after that, we went into separate rooms for the body scrub… i tell you guys, if you haven’t been into one yet, i suggest you do and you will feel as if you’ve missed half of your life… and you’d want to do it over and over again… after the body scrub [where i opted to get the Chocolate Scrub again!!], it was off to the relaxation.jpegfoot spa… the chair alone [which is a massage chair in itself] is great, and couple that with a foot spa and scrub, then you’d think you are in heaven… the great hands of our attendants Alma and Lily worked wonders on our over-tired feet… and finally, off to the massage room… cannot tell you much because after the first few minutes of the very soothing massage, i am off to wonderland [sleeping!!]…

well, that’s all… and today, i am back at the salt mines… but i don’t have the feeling of not wanting to go to work anymore… in fact, i am not feeling anything at all!! i am still in my birthday mood and i will not let anything disturb me today…

later in the afternoon, Mich, William, and I will celebrate our birthdays together with a dinner for the staff here at the office…

[click on attached pictures for more…]

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




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