what the??

25 07 2006


and that was why i have forsaken Catholicism, or any organized religion for that matter… as a friend would say:

This. Is. Pure. Crap.

well… i would say shit, but Crap is better… thanks, Kay!

sucks to be Catholic now, doesn’t it?? :d

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




2 responses

25 07 2006

Man, so we’ll burn in hell on technicality.
Still…Pure. Bull. Cr_p.


25 07 2006

Kaya ako NPC (Non-practicing catholic). I find religion to be too flawed, but I still keep my faith. I have my own ways of professing my beliefs but it is more like the golden rule rather than anything else.

Live and let live lang and we will all go to heaven, may it be here on earth or somewhere beyond the physical. 🙂


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