GRRRR!! stupid drivers!! gah!!

18 07 2006


Pinoy Drayber Edition i really hate driving around Metro Manila these days… people [i meant drivers, of course] seem intent on getting their way just to get to where they were going… even to the extent of not following traffic lights… grrr…

at the intersection of JP Rizal and Mandaluyong Bridge, there was supposed to be a traffic light… i said ‘supposed to be’ because drivers do not actually follow the lights… jeepney drivers, mostly, are the transgessors… taxi and tricycle drivers even!! and this was just a couple of hundred meters away from the Makati City Hall!! and isn’t there any rule against tricycle drivers plying along major roads?? if policemen [yes, there are policemen in the area] will not implement this law, might as well take this out of the rulebook, diba??

and do you see those pedicabs [bicycles with seats, much like tricycles only not motorized] with clothes hanging on them?? isn’t there any law against these? if there aren’t then we should make one!! they are accidents waiting to happen when they are crossing the Mandaluyong Bridge, you know… and that is because they have to get down, and push their ‘vehicles’ up the bridge, sometimes unmindful that they are hogging 1 side of a 2 car bridge!!

and like what i have been saying before, taxi and jeepney drivers weaving in and out of Metro Manila streets should be better placed in rallye sites than normal streets… they can give Michael Schumacher a run for his money!!

Ciao, sweetie… 😦




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