and then, depression sets in…

22 06 2006


i work for a content provider as an applications development manager… i have 10 people working under me, all developers, of course… one good thing about my work is that my people almost always become my friends, almost family… i joke around with them during lunch time… i always make it a point to know their problems, even personal ones… and though i don’t drink, i take them out for drinks every once in a while… in short, i look out for them the best i can… just like i look out for my own family and friends…

and when everything was running smoothly, what with a very big project coming in starting next month, where i need ALL of them in that project, suddenly, resignations left and right come to my table!! i have now 7 resignees, and there was news that i can expect another one tomorrow… all in a span of 15 days!!

and that is where one questions oneself… have i done anything wrong to deserve this? even if they tell me that it was not because of me but due to “greener pastures”, i still can’t shake this feeling off that, somehow, this was all because of me… i wish that this were not true… but still…

but one thing i want to tell you guys, it is not always “green” on the other side of the fence… it may look green now, you may see more grass on the other side [heck! they can even be real for all i care!!], but it will not last, and it may not always be to your advantage… HR may be telling you one thing, but the people you’d be working with might tell you another…

but then again, i am not sourgraping… far from it… i wish them all the luck in the world, they sure deserve it…

i just wish they’d done this later… *sigh*

Ciao, sweetie… 😦




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30 06 2006

hehehe… :d

malamang nga, i’d start coding again… huhuhu… *sigh*

26 06 2006

hehehe. na-miss kita e. seriously, i wanna see how you’re doing. sabi sa iyo, mag code ka na ulit e. no turning back now, code code code! fun fun fun! πŸ˜€

26 06 2006


napadalaw ka?? :p

yes, you are right, everyone has his own limitations… and i agree they’ve been loyal to the last… and i can’t ask for anyone better when it comes to the present crop of people i have right now… it is just that i wish they’ve done this either sooner, or later, so that i could have been prepared… not now that the migration project is pushing through before the week ends… *sigh*…


25 06 2006

additionally, let’s just pray things will be better the next time around. if there were no lessons learned today, mangyayari lang ulit yan. wag naman po sana. tama na to. 😦

25 06 2006

chris, if you really feel that way, congratulations, you’re normal. it was a problem i’ve known since i used to occupy the position that you are in now. i feel bad it is still the case till now. but i’m happy they finally woke up. i’m just sorry it all had to happen at the same time which i believe was just a coincidence. all these years, these people stayed and stuck it out with me and with you. these people BELIEVED that good things come to those who wait. man, you’ll never know how many obviously better opportunities circled around these people like vultures and yet, they chose to stay. heck, forgetting all my selfish motives and my helpless situation, i even gave them leads so they can pursue better lives. all these years, they chose to stay. i give them big credit just for that. ibang klase ang loyalty ng mga yan.

but something just had to give at some point right? i mean, how long till they run out of opportunities while waiting for their beloved company to acknowledge them? i know there are economic issues to consider but i think people should just stop at that, instead of branding these people as “lacking genuine concern for the company.” who said that, i’d rather not say. i think that person is still missing the point. hence, my lack of surprise that these people left.

genuine concern. i’d bet my life on these people anytime. sorry na lang sila, di nila inalagaan e. hinintay pa nilang umalma yung tao. tsk. hindi naman kelangang umabot dun diba? especially when things could have been prevented.

i think people should stop underestimating people. if people were so expendable, why are they panicking now? the people’s loyalty has its limits. they’d stay as long as they can for the company, but when something has to give, it has to give. and i hope the people responsible for all these will soon realize they were in the same position at least once early in their own lives. pare-pareho lang sila ng pangangailangan. pero hindi lahat, makatarungan ang sweldo. hindi lahat may magandang car plan. hindi lahat naghihikahos pag malayo pa ang payday.

may the Force be with you, pare. mag-code ka na. hehhee. πŸ˜€

inuman na to!

23 06 2006

oh no! people might misconstrue this as harboring grudges against my staff… yes, medyo nakaka-inis lang because they are leaving at this very important stage… pero i have nothing against them… in fact, i am very happy that they’ve found [i hope!!] what they’re looking for…

like what i told one of my peers here at the office, i feel like a father suddenly finding himself abandoned by his sons/daughters… right in the middle of a big calamity… but then again, i can’t really stop them from leaving, can i? if they’re really intent on leaving, i say “go ahead”… no one is indispensable, anyway…

o sya, tara na’t maka-barik!! 8)

23 06 2006

old school way is to separate business from personal life. but the new age management mantra is getting to know your staff. pero tama ka na you dont have to regret about your relationship with them. real friendships are built on stronger foundations than office relationships.

i have been on both sides of the fence (iniwanan at nangiwan), but i never harbored any ill feelings when somebody leaves the team/office, nor when i am the one leaving. trabaho lang yan. we are always looking for something that satisfies our curiousity, need and want. if you are no longer happy with what you are doing then it is better to look at other options. all about human nature. πŸ™‚

painom ka na lang ulit. hehehe.


23 06 2006

hi Erin,

yes, i am sure that there are more talented people out there looking for a job… but when you’ve had the same relationship i had with these guys, you’d probably have a different view…

siguro, that was my mistake… getting so close to these guys probably was the biggest mistake i ever made… hmmm… but then again, if i can do it all over again, i won’t make any changes… i like it that way…

thanks, man, for the suggestion…

Ciao! (y)

22 06 2006

oh its you. πŸ˜›

just kidding. the greener pasture bit made me remember this post[1] in my blog. i left my previous company mostly because of the greener pastures reason and most of us succumb to that way of thinking.

what you should do (or have done) is create a very nice transition plan that would cut some or most of the learning curve of new team members. madami naman dyan na talented, you just need to figure out how you could spot those brimming with potential.



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