“if it works…”

4 05 2006

Pinoy Big Blunder Initial OBB EMULATE IT!! is what i am wont to say!!

anyway, this is a spoof of the highly popular TV show of a local channel here in the Philippines… but this time, we will be looking at all aspects of being a ‘pinoy’… but wait, what really is a ‘pinoy’?

a ‘Pinoy’ is someone from the Philippines… born here, bred here, grew up, and possibly dies, too, in the Philippines… has his own way of dealing with things, occassions, and events… and has that “can-do” attitude which most foreigners find annoying, but at the same time endearing…

what we will mainly talk about here are the quirks of Pinoys, particularly dealing with our daily lives… blunders, primarily… it will have several editions, according to the current topic… like “Drivers” edition, “Politics” in general and “Politicians” in particular, and finally, just your regular “Pinas lang” edition for those things you find “onli-in-da-Pilipins”…

so, watch our for it, ok?

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




One response

18 05 2006

maybe i will link back to your driver series. i currently have one post currently in draft that might be related. it has something to do with the habit of bus drivers/conductors of filling the whole aisle up to the point of overflowing. and i am talking about air-conditioned buses.


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