bye bye Jenny…

27 04 2006


this is a sad day for all of us here at the office… although we are currently having fun, what with the party we are now having for Jenny, inside, we are all saddened… you see, tomorrow is Jenny’s last day here at the office, she’ll be moving on to better things… and so, we decided to give her this ‘despedida’ party… there are drinks, food, and lots of crying and crying and crying [for the ladies, at least]…

and so, Jenny, though we just had 5 or so months of knowing each other, i have come to know you to be a lady of conviction… not afraid of anything, of what others would likely say, as long as you know that what you were doing was right… i wish most of the people here at the office will emulate you…

*sniff* BYE JENNY *sniff*

though we part as officemates, i hope we remain as friends… πŸ™‚

Ciao, sweetie… 8)




2 responses

26 06 2006

heh! di lang ito ginagawa ko no? naglalaro din ako!! harharhar!! :$

but seriously, i’d take you up on that offer one of these days, as i feel so very low right now… today nga, i felt like calling in sick just for the heck of it!! nakakainis na…

oh well…

Ciao!! 😦

25 06 2006

So this was what you were during when you were in front of your computer. I was wondering what you were up to. :p I just read this now, and gotta say I was touched. However, it echoes what I feel, that even though we parted as office mates, we’re friends always. I know you’re going through a great challenge right now. I’m just here if you need to talk. As for drinking, basta iced tea lang ako πŸ™‚

Take care always.

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