i want!! i want!!

22 04 2006


SE W810i one of the things i love about my current work [yes, there are many…] is that i get to have different types and models of the latest cellular phones, particularly, Sony Ericsson phones… you see, from the 1st time i got to use an SE, i never looked back… from my trusty old T610 [black] to P900 to K700i [again, black which is still with me] to W800i and now to my shiny white K908i [which is 3G enabled, to boot!], i am never without an SE phone since about 6 years ago…

i love its joystick [it was the 1st to have them] plus the shortcuts one can associate with them, the spacing of the keypad, the feel of the clicks, the smart menu, and the easy way one can personalize them, and basically do whatever you’d want, short of, of course, throwing them to the ground and trampling on them… nyehehehe… :d

and now, there is a new model in the market, the SE W810i… it is a sleek combination of the K750i and the W800i… i’ll leave it up to you to look it up on the web [hint: link above… ;)], but suffice it to say that this may just be one of the best phones i will ever get a hold of…

Ciao, sweetie… :p




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