bad news, good news

21 04 2006



once again, there was news today that there’ll be a weekly increase in gas/oil prices here in the Philippines… this was due, apparently, to soaring world oil prices… transport groups are now gearing up [again! sigh!(n)] to ask the Land Transportation Office for another round of fare hikes… [Ed: so? what else is new??]

and again, along with rising gas prices, prices of basic commodities like food and clothing, not to mention the delivery of other services like education, are expected to rise as well… one good news, though, we’ve had over the last 3 weeks is the lower cost of liquefied petroleum gas [LPG]… from as high as Php 540 a few weeks ago, to as low as Php 450 today… (y)

as i am wont to say:

Ahhh, Pinoy, kailan matatapos ang paghihirap mo??
[Oh, Pinoy, when will your hardships end??]

Ciao, sweetie… :s




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