taking my life back on track…

23 02 2005


starting tomorrow, the 24th of February, i’ll be taking my life back on track… not that it really is OFF the track this time… i mean, i’d make it more normal… like:

# i’d get a regular job this time… i figured, taking jobs as a consultant does not exactly put food on the table… yes, it’d be good only if you have regular clients… otherwise, taking up a regular job still is the best way to go… of course, i’d still be doing consultancy, but during my off-hours… haaayyy, there go my nights again… not that i had them before… so, any of you know of a good job? one that pays well, and preferrably have to do practically near-to-nothing? 😀

# i’d anchor myself to one place… yes, i’ve been living out of my luggage some time now… for 3 months, i’d had 4 different places, and that’s not the way to live out a life… no, really… i’d want to be more accessible this time… a regular phone, a regular place to crash in, regular friends to be with… that sort of thing… i will looking either for an apartment or a condo unit starting tomorrow…

# i’d stop working very hard (for once), and play a little more, instead… that means more badminton for me… and more Ragnarok Online, too! :HAHA:

# and finally, more reading, too! i’ve recently rediscovered the joys of this once pastime of mine… back when the days where very bleak due to the lack of a television, or computer, or both! currently just finished TheShadow Rising, the 4th of The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan… will be buying the 5th soon, The Fires of heaven… anybody wanna buy this for me??? as a gift??? no one? thought so… hehehehe… :wonder:

you may be asking: “why tomorrow?” it’s because i’d be going from wherever i am right now back to where i was born, raised (and probably die, too!) tomorrow: MANILA!!! really, that song by the Hotdogs about this great city (with all of its traffic, and corrupt and inept traffic aides to boot) is true… if you’ve been to this place, you’d always want to be in it… my flight is by 11am and will be landing in Manila around 1pm… wala ako pasalubong ha?

so, expect me to make a big splash tomorrow (or not)! will be renewing old friendships again… will be revisiting my roots which i haven’t seen for some time… will be spending more time with my son… will be… will be… will definitely be doing more than i did before… definitely!

Ciao, baby… 😎




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